Woah, What Just Happened?

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Ok. So it’s been a couple weeks. When it rains it pours folks! All of it has been an amazingly good whirlwind though and I can’t complain, other than one major exception. I guess the biggest elephant in the room is the kitchen….

The last time you saw the kitchen, it was looking like this. Cabinet frames up, flooring in, but no counters and not much else.

Well now it’s looking like this:

All these photos are from Thanksgiving. I was able to snap a few shots in between cooking and washing dishes. These are the photos I’ve got because… we finished the kitchen on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and then hosted!!!! I know… we’re crazy. The guys finished up Tuesday afternoon, I got home from work and we started cleaning like never before in our lives. Wednesday we moved everything back in and put the living room back together. Thursday, I cooked the first meal in our new kitchen! It just so happened to be Thanksgiving dinner with our parents. Doesn’t Jordan look thrilled?

It ended up being absolutely perfect though! Everyone knew this could go either way and were prepared for Chinese food if the stove didn’t work or something. Which is how you know someone truly cares about you. It’s not the food that matters, it’s the company and the memories you make. And they were prepared for silly memories if it came to it! But the stove worked! A little too well actually – all the food tasted amazing (if I do say so myself). I even had it all out 30 minutes early… oops.

Since these photos are all from Thanksgiving though… we were still waiting on a couple small things we have since installed. Such as the missing light above the sink, the microwave, and the cabinet doors in front of the sink. Each of them came in the day AFTER Thanksgiving. Oh well! Now we have an excuse for a “Finished Kitchen” party as well.

I’ll go over the whole kitchen reveal in MUCH more detail in another post with TONS of photos. I want to get actual finished photos in the daylight for you guys, which isn’t going to happen during the work week with the sun setting so early now. I’m also planning separate process posts on how we DIY’d parts of the project and all about our experience with IKEA cabinets. Let me know if there is something specific you have a question about from our kitchen. If you have the question, someone else is probably wondering too. So stay tuned for all that!

At the same time we were starting our DIY portion of the kitchen and got super busy with that… our world got turned upside down. Tealy has been diagnosed with cancer. Don’t ask me to spell or say what kind it is. I just know it’s not good. It sucks and there is no way around it. There have been lots of tears and will be many more. However, we found out with time left so there will be plenty more smiles and laughter as well! We are gonna be able to give her the best time for as long as we can and have a pretty sweet Tealy bucket list planned.

She had been acting a little odd in recent months, not wanting to touch the grass in the backyard, being a little more distant from us in the evenings, lagging behind on walks… But we thought she was just angry with us that Finn was still around and she wasn’t the center of attention anymore. She was also coughing, at least once a day. I had asked the vet about that before and they weren’t too concerned with it on it’s own at her yearly check up. When she stopped eating though, I knew something was wrong. We took her to the vet the next day and did an x-ray. That’s when the vet came back in, sat on the stool and pulled up really close to us and my heart sank. They found a mass in her spleen and the spleen seemed enlarged. So we scheduled surgery and had the spleen removed and sent off for testing. Honestly, after the surgery she was like a whole new dog! Super happy, loving and wanting to do all the things she wasn’t supposed to after a major surgery, like run around or jump in the bed. I was hopeful. But the reality is just different. We bought her some time to feel like herself again and that’s it. But we are gonna make the most of the time we have together and snuggle a lot!

Part of our Tealy bucket list plans include getting photos taken at the house. So now that the kitchen is done, I’m just keeping this train rolling (I honestly need the distraction) and decided to paint the whole living room, finished painting the trim in the house, put up new curtains around the bay window, and paint the fireplace mantle before decorating for Christmas. Again… I know… I’m crazy. Just trying to knock off one more thing from my 2017 house plan before the end of the year!

The wall color probably doesn’t look that different, but it’s gray now instead of beige. The wall colors were basically the same gray value but with different undertones. The gray just feels crisper to us and we love the slight change! I’ll delve more into the fireplace another time. Gotta leave something to the imagination 😉

And one more thing that has happened: Finn turned one!

He got inducted into our family tradition of wearing party hats for dogs birthdays. At first he wasn’t into it, but he soon learned that meant a steak dinner and a really big doggie donut. So maybe next year he will be more excited like Tealy was. She knew just what the party hat meant! At dessert time, she dug right in. Finn had a little trouble trying to figure out what to do with that giant donut, but he figured it out eventually.

So the kitchen isn’t even a week old and we’ve been able to enjoy two milestones already! As we learned, kitchen renovation is no joke and sucks up way more of your time than you think, even if you hire it out. And as life goes, we had more going on than just that. We experienced really high highs, and really low lows. It’s been a whirlwind we weren’t expecting to all culminate at once. I mean… who would?! We are excited to get back to some lazy days here soon, and I’m happy to have some time back to focus here again. Kitchen photoshoot happening soon! Talk to you more then.

Last modified: November 29, 2017