We Bought a Coffee Table and It Does What?!

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So we bought a new coffee table. I’ve had my eyes on this one for awhile. My good friend, Heather, had the exact same one and I always coveted it. I love the natural wood grain with the clean lines. The bonus to this thing? The lid raises up for storage and is sturdy enough for our laptops and dinner plates! That’s right! One less reason to leave the sofa! We really are couch potatoes, don’t let us fool you.

We got this table from West Elm. I had taken Jordan to the new store that opened in Baltimore a few weeks ago just to fiddle fart around. They had this table on display and I finally got to show it to him in person. Needless to say… he was smitten! It was just what he needed for his back for our sofa dining habits. He was pretty much ready to buy it on the spot. But we talked about it, remembered our priorities and decided to wait for a sale. And oh man… did that sale come quicker than I expected!

I subscribe to West Elm emails, and shortly after our visit, I received their “One Day Only Premiere Sales Event” email. I went onto the site and saw the 50″ coffee table we wanted, which usually isn’t included in most of their sales, was now $150 off. It was go time. Jordan placed the order by calling the store and having it shipped there. Shipping was free, and we also didn’t have to pay the $50 “White Glove Service” charge you would get hit with if they deliver to your house. It was a few days of waiting, but it was delivered within the estimated window of time and we easily picked it up from the store and brought it to it’s new, loving home!

Just look how beautiful it is! I couldn’t help but take glamour shots in the morning light. Not only is it pretty, but it adds hidden storage and allows us to work or eat at the sofa without us hunching over awkwardly and killing our backs. Jordan can now get rid of his “old man TV tray” as I affectionately call it.

Even though we got this well before we were planning, I feel very confident that we got a great piece of furniture that suits our needs better. And we also saved a little dough, making it that much sweeter! I will always bend for a good sale on something I was already planning on getting. Key words right there for budget control folks!

Anything good you got on sale recently? Or is there something you’re waiting to go on sale? Is there any topic you guys have questions about or would like to hear my thoughts on? Let me know!

Last modified: September 9, 2017