Trim Painting Update & Some New Window Shades

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Progress has been made in our master bedroom!!! Woooo!!! I’m super excited about it if you can’t tell from my excessive use of exclamation points. I hate painting trim. But it makes such an impact. So I just gotta do what I gotta do. Check this out for a reminder of what it used to look like.

As of right now, we have the baseboards and both windows painted white, Valspar’s Du Jour in semi-gloss to be exact. We also took this time to change out all the outlets and switches from cream to bright white which is a small change, inexpensive and satisfies my OCD. AND we threw some new bamboo shades on those windows like other rooms in the house, instead of the old mini blinds. So much done! But more to go.

When painting trim, it’s more than just putting one to-do item on your list. It looks more like this:
Remove old hardwareSpackle holes and caulk seamsSandCleanPaint (as many coats as needed)

So to jump things off, we cleaned up the whole room and pushed everything into the center. There are two rigid door stops in our baseboards, but I opted not to remove them. They are installed with one giant screw and the only way to get them out would leave a gapping hole, and we would have to change the location of the doorstop when I put it back in. More trouble to me than it’s worth since I don’t plan on replacing them. So I turned my attention on those windows. And oh boy! Were they FILLED with old hardware.

Between the current mini blinds, screws and old attachments for curtains long gone, these poor window moldings were in some rough shape. That screw driver was a lifesaver and made removing all that mess go so much faster! It’s the ratcheting screw driver Jordan got me for Christmas. We need to buy another one since we seem to both need a screwdriver at the same time and fight over this one.

Once all the hardware was removed, I got busy with mending everything. I used a combination of wood filler, spackle and caulk depending on the size and location of the hole. If it’s a super small hole, it’s easier for me to put a little caulk on my finger and just smooth it over. If it’s a large hole, I found I like back filling it with wood filler and then smoothing it over with spackle or caulk. That way it leaves a nicer finish on the front and is easier to sand than wood filler in my opinion.

When it comes to caulking, I’m a pro! It’s so satisfying to me. I run a small bead along the seam I’m working on. Then wet my finger and run it along the bead, removing any excess. I keep a damp paper towel with me while I’m doing this to help keep things clean. When I’m working on a corner or more detailed section, the more water I have on my finger, the better. Then just wipe up the extra with the paper towel.

I had to go to town on the window moldings filling all the old hardware holes. But the baseboards just needed some tidying up with caulk. I’m pretty neat with caulking, so I never need to sand that. The baseboards were almost ready to go. So I just sanded the sections of window molding that needed it, then took a damp rag across everything to clean it up from the sanding dust, regular dust and dog hair so we could paint over a clean surface for better adhesion. Although, Tealy hair still ended up on the baseboards regardless of how clean I was trying to be. She’s a permanent fixture in this house now.

FINALLY! We could get moving on the first coat of paint! It was late, I had already done a ton that day to get everything prepped, so the windows were the only thing we touched. But we got paint on something in the first day damnit!

Overall, the window moldings took four… YES 4… coats of paint. And the baseboards took three. So it took us awhile to get through all that. We spent a couple hours the next day painting, fit in some relaxation time for the remainder of our weekend, and finished up the other coats here and there during the work week.

On Friday, I finally pushed the furniture back into place and righted the room. I left the rug down in the basement since I still have a couple things to finish up. Next, I brought up the drill and broke our new bamboo shades out of the boxes. We chose to go with two 36″ shades for our double window and one 48″ shade for the single window. Both sizes are standard sizes they come in, so we didn’t have to get anything cut down.

The double window has the floor length curtains, so we didn’t want the shades to extend over the molding and stick out past the curtain panels. But for the single window, I opted for the shade to extend over the molding since there is no curtain. I just like the look of a wider shade when it’s all there is on the window. Check out this post about our bay window update for more details on hanging the shades.

As much work as it is to do all of this, it’s so worth it. I feel like having the baseboards white just makes the room feel more finished and crisp. And it also seems to make the floor really stand out now as the star of the show, rather than just another wood tone in a room filled with wood tones. It just makes me more excited (I’m not sure that’s the right word for it) to paint more trim through the house and get started on our door upgrades.

We still have to paint the doors, sliding closet doors and door frames, which we will tackle one at a time. We finally ordered our new door hardware in matte black, and just need to measure out how much molding we need to add the frames to the door like this. I think we are gonna try the bathroom door first, and paint the wood trim into the bathroom while we do it since there are no baseboards there. Just the door frame and window, and plenty of holes to fill again on the window molding. Keep an eye out for that post in a few weeks!

Doing any pain staking work around your house right now? What task do you absolutely hate doing? Let me know any topic you would love to hear about! I’m always looking for things we can chat about. Don’t be shy.

Last modified: February 26, 2018