The Sunroom Evolution

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Our sunroom has made a surprising transformation this summer. It’s not something we planned. It just sort of happened that way. So let’s walk through all the little twists and deals and why we decided to jump on things when we did, and how we turned this:


into THIS!


We were perfectly happy with the sunroom before. It was furnished with my great grandmother’s 100 year old kitchen table and chairs, with some little vintage touches here and there. We had just what we needed to come out in the morning and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with our breakfast on the weekends. It’s not like we were thinking “man… this room would be so much more enjoyable if we had fill in the blank.

Exhibit A: Chairs

One day, Jordan and I were at IKEA for some reason. I don’t remember the reason. We have the privilege of living 15 minutes away from an IKEA, so it’s a regular occurrence to just go over for some Swedish meatballs for dinner, plastic bins, a new dog toy, and bulk bin candy at the end. Part of the typical trip is to take a minute and walk through the as-is section to see if there are any gems for a good deal. Usually there isn’t much that really peaks our interest, but this one time there were a stack of four white chairs. They are called LEIFARNE and typically $40 each. I think these were from a display or were returned, but they were marked $25 each! The only issue was some black sharpie writing on the underside of the seats that no one would ever see anyway. SOLD!

In those first moments, we didn’t know where to put them – just that we liked them. Then we quickly remembered that we sort of didn’t like sitting in the chairs from my great grandmother’s set. They were super creaky and not really that comfortable. There! We had thought of a place to put these beautiful new chairs, so we bought them then and there! $100 later, a bag of candy and a 15 minute car ride home, we already had them in the sunroom and felt all pleased with ourselves for snagging a good deal on something we really liked.

Exhibit B: Rug

I have a new obsession with Rejuvenation. The lighting, the hardware, the rugs! Pretty much everything about them… #swoon. I sign up for emails from sites I like a lot, especially if they sell things I know I will be looking to purchase in the future – such as rugs. An email popped up in my inbox one night about a one day sale on certain items. So I poked around the site to see what was on sale and came across this beautiful rug. Bonus… it was $45% off! The 5×8′ size that I ended up with is typically $399, but I got it for $232.

Since most of our house is rug-less, I knew rugs were on the menu before I ever saw that sale email as I said before. Rugs are something I try not to skimp on. It’s something that sees so much abuse on a regular basis that I won’t compromise on wanting good rugs. So I’m playing the waiting game to find good deals.

Again, I just knew I liked this rug, but not where exactly I could put it. Out came the measuring tape! I got Jordan involved and told him this could work in either the guest bedroom or even the sunroom since it’s indoor/outdoor. He suggested getting it for the sunroom. He didn’t like the idea of spending even $200 on a room WE do not use, so get it for US first. DONE! Bought it. Love it!

Exhibit C: Table

You may have already been wondering why it seemed so easy for me to switch out the chairs from my great grandmother’s kitchen set. This set is something that has been in each of my female family member’s homes down the line. My grandmother ate at this table as a child, so did my mom and so did I. Well… easy. I should never have put this solid oak set in the sunroom to begin with. It was a pretty dumb decision on my part. After one year of living out there, through all four seasons and all the sunshine, it was already starting to show wear. The side facing the wall of windows is much lighter in color than all the other sides, and the wood slates making up the table top were actually starting to show slight gaps between them. I decided, that to save it I would need to put it away. So we started looking for an inexpensive table to replace it that could possibly handle the environment.

We wanted to get another wood table to mimic the wood ceiling. I searched a few places, and mostly found I have expensive taste… The one we ended up with is from Wayfair and was a pretty reasonable price at only $225. We didn’t want to spend too much since this is going in the sunroom and could get damaged the same way my great grandmother’s table just did.

We chose this one, not just because of the price tag, but the natural wood finish top, simple design and how it’s built for outdoor use. Even with the lower price, it still feels very solid. It’s also a little longer than the old table and we are actually able to fit six chairs at this one now, which was a huge deal for us since this is where everyone likes to be when they come to visit. I pulled the other two black, antique, woven chairs I had pushed in the corners up to the new table and just love the contrast between not only black and white, but old and new.

My great grandmother’s set went up into the attic. We are thinking of getting it back out if we ever finish part of the basement. It could be a great addition to the family movie room we are dreaming of for snacking and game playing.

Of course this spurred me on to re-style the whole space. I walked through the house and stole the vase from the living room, got a new white tray at Target and actually reduced the amount of things sitting in the tray and around the room. Overall, everything feels a little airy-er and so much more cozy now. As happens every time I get in the mood to do this kind of stuff, I ended up going through the whole house and re-styling a bunch of rooms and removing items. It never fails, we have two yard sales over the summer and then I pull more things out to get rid of. I’m constantly “editing” down I guess, which is a great feeling!

Even the dogs love this space now. Since the sweltering heat of summer has dissipated, we’ve been able to leave the back door open. You can always find the dogs or their toys out here now. They both love lounging on the rug and peering out the windows.

And if Tealy would have kept looking at the damn camera, this would have been the PERFECT photo…

At night, this room is just perfect with the globe lights we put up last year. I’ve been going out there at night and fiddle farting around on my computer with a lite candle, drink and listening to the sounds of the bugs. It’s the little things in life, and this space is all about enjoying them.

The things we’ve actually been dreaming of doing to this space have been a little more extensive. We would like to:

  • Change the floor tile to something darker
  • Remove the dated aluminum awning from the outside
  • Eventually replace all the windows with single pane glass so there is no visual disruption to our view

One day at a time… We are super happy with how this room has evolved this summer alone and don’t feel the need to rush anything at this point. Morale of this story: wait for deals and wait to find things that are perfect for your space. If we had bought everything at once, from one place, our sunroom wouldn’t look like this today.


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Last modified: September 13, 2017