The Plan: 2017

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I’ve had a lot going on up in my head lately about how far we’ve come already, and what we have yet to do with our home. I read and loved Chris Loves Julia’s post about what projects they are planning to tackle this year. So I’m doing something similar here, to help myself maybe more than anyone else. This is probably more than we will really do in the year, but it’s something to aim for!


First things first! I told myself I would finish projects before moving onto new ones with this house. So I need to finish up the last two walls of trim painting in the office. When we have a solid weekend again, we will move the desks to the other corner of the room and polish off this room for good. Or at least until I decide to tweak something that is.


We will upgrade our perfectly fine hollow core doors to add some depth, paint them white and add all new pretty matte black hardware, along with painting all the trim in the house white as well. It will hopefully make everything feel cleaner and a bit more modern. I’m a lover of wood trim, but this builder grade trim just doesn’t give me the same warm and fuzzies that old wood trim does. So I don’t feel as bad about it.


We’re already on our way on this progress, which I wrote about here. I’ve gotten all the new bedding, and thinking I will paint the walls and trim after I finish the office.


We really want to get this area working for us with our lifestyle. Right now… it always feels in limbo, like we’re waiting on the next thing to see how it will change this area. The pony walls are also always up for discussion. Some days we like them, other days we hate them and talk about removing them and possibly extending the tile a little further. And now that my big mirror is toast (thanks Roomba) and thanks to my random living room shuffle, the entry way is back up for discussion as a major player to nail down soon. It could go so many ways right now. But here are some inspiration shots I’m loving.


I’m not entirely sure what I want to do here just yet. But I know I want to do something. We know for sure the TV will go above the mantle because when the kitchen goes in, hopefully the wall the TV is currently in front of will no longer be there. I think I’m painting the wood surround white to match the rest of the trim through out the house. Keep it consistent! I’ve thrown around the idea of white washing the brick, but will hold off on that to be sure that’s what I want to do. No going back if I decide I liked the red brick later! We were toying around with the idea of adding a shiplap look above the mantle to make it visually taller, but with the width of the TV it might just look weird. We’ll see! That’s the fun of it right? That’s why I’m calling this a phase 1 project.


Not as fun of a project, but we need to seriously add some light to our backyard. As soon as the weather warms up, we have plans to add a couple motion sensor lights for security and safety… and so we can see the dog when we let her out at night. This past summer, we added solar step lights to all the back steps. Some of the lights are awesome, and others just don’t turn on. So we may be revisiting those as well.


Also not that fun or exciting, but we need to get grass growing in our backyard. The previous owners had a pool taking up pretty much the whole space. It was removed before the house was put on the market, and they tried to reseed… but it didn’t go so well. We did a seeding session in the fall, and will fertilize and go for another seeding this spring and see where that gets us. I have all the ideas in the world for our little backyard that could be! But I think with the state the grass is in, and all the other stuff we want to do to the house, that the back yard patio and landscaping is something we will tackle in a couple years.


To get my landscaping fix in, we will focus on the front yard this year. The front of the house, is not something I fell in love with. The old white wrought iron railings and column, and that scalloped header leave the house feeling dated. So we plan to modernize the front porch by adding modern square columns, adding a second one to the left to balance out the front door, and getting spiffy new house numbers. Hopefully that will be enough to bring the house out of the 60’s.

I also want to overhaul some of the front garden, ditching the large bushes right by the doors and adding some lower maintenance and native greens closer to the house. Then in front of that, I could add some seasonal flowering plants. Possibly a window box in front of the bay window? The way the bushes are now just doesn’t balance out the house what so ever. So it will be nice to put some thought into this and make everything feel nice and fresh.


The biggest one of all! We are currently saving for this project, learning all the finance options available (we’re most likely going to pay cash rather than rack up more debt though) and JUST paid to start working with a pro to come in and help with some ideas for layout. It’s such a big feature to the entire house effecting resale value, and neither of us have ever done anything near this magnitude before. So to help ourselves feel better, we are hiring out someone to basically be our therapist designer. She will be helping us plan a layout, so we know what our costs are going to look like and we can plan better for our savings. She has been very receptive to our needs so far and in general just an awesome person. I can tell we’re gonna be best friends 😉 We are very excited about all of it. So more on that process as we go.

We plan to get the kitchen as open concept as we can get it. We know we want to knock out the wall between the kitchen and dining room for sure. The wall between the kitchen and living room however is load bearing. We are looking into our options here based on cost, but will hopefully at least have a counter with a wide ‘window’ looking through into the kitchen. We will be using the dining room and kitchen square footage as one large room, and could get rid of the dining room all together. It will be so nice to have some sort of a set plan on the floor plan.

My major inspiration kitchen is this one by House Tweaking. I LOVE the full open concept, with black lower cabinets. It just feels so fresh and modern without being too trendy or traditional.

And here are some other swoon worthy kitchens floating around in my dreams lately. OH! It will be so nice one day!

Pull out dog food bin, as well as trash, recycling and compost bins is a must!

That picture window into the living room… swoon…

So yeah, we have lots of plans. Obviously the biggest and grandest change will be the kitchen. This is what is keeping me from doing a lot more in the living room, entry way and fireplace for now. We are hoping to start this project in late 2017, but we will find out more as we work with our interior designer on the floor plan and budget. So much to look forward to in 2017! At home and in life.

Last modified: September 9, 2017