The Home Plan: 2018

Written by DIY, Renovation

New year, new home projects! What shall we get ourselves into? The 2017 plan was a lot, and last year ended up being rather successful. We completed and at least started a majority of the projects we were hoping to get to. We also just had our realtor back out to give us the down low on the numbers of what she thinks she could sell our home for now, and what would be good to tackle next.

Good news: we would get everything back we just put into the kitchen! Bad news: we may already be maxed out on the selling price for our neighborhood. So anything additional we do, will be just for us because we want it. Such as updated bathrooms… We are gonna be in a balancing act of trying not to spend too much money while continuing to make it ours.

With that in mind… here’s what we are thinking of for this year.

1 Finish Hallway Painting

I painted the living room and kitchen, but stopped at the first doorway in the hallway. I just need to finish painting the hallway and ALL the spaces in the house will have been painted!

2 Repaint the Guest Bedroom

I already painted the guest bedroom, but in person it’s much more “baby blue-ish” than I wanted. There is another paint swatch I found that is the same gray value as the current color, but a warmer tone. Once I have that done, I will finally hang my artwork for that room!

3 Get Shades for Remaining Windows

The kitchen windows and two windows on either side of the fire place are the only windows left in the house that need updated shades. I’m so close!

4 Modernize the Front Porch & Finish Front Landscaping

This is one that was on the list last year. We started it, but only got half the garden done and didn’t get to the front porch at all. At least we got a whole additional year to plan! Here’s my original Photoshop mockup of what I wold love to do to the porch.

5 Backyard Lighting

This is back on the list since we epically failed at this. We still need to add a motion sensor light to the side of the house so we can see when we go out to grill or take the trash out. It’s a serious issue right now trying to take out trash in the evening, walking down icy steps and trying not to trip over stuff along the way.

6 Master Bathroom

This may be something we get to… maybe not! It’s a rolling goal. I’ve been pinning so many inspiration bathrooms the last few weeks though. So my head is totally ready to do it. Just not our bank account. We have some other financial goals to meet first before we jump into another renovation. Albeit, this one would be so much less than what we already tackled! I wouldn’t want to change the layout at all in our bathroom. It’s very small, and pretty much already laid out the best it can be. Currently, there is a shower surround, with three handles inside the shower, one outside the shower, and three towel bars. There are SO MANY HANDLE LOOKING THINGS IN SUCH A SMALL SPACE!!! We are thinking of yanking out the surround and all the weird hardware, doing bright white tile and white walls, with some new tile flooring, a wood vanity with drawers to maximize storage and a sweet new mirror and lighting. Not too much in reality. We’ll see where we end up at the end of the year.

7 Start Building a Semi-Finished Space in the Basement

When we re-did the kitchen, we lived down in the basement and really enjoyed having our TV down there. We didn’t even move it back upstairs! We’ve always thought about finishing part of the basement as a media room, but it was something we were going to do YEARS down the road. Well… we may not push it off that far since we’ve been using that space like crazy now. We are thinking of making one giant area as you come down the stairs that will be a family room of sorts with an entertainment area and big comfy sofa. I’ve been dreaming of a tiny dry bar under the stairs, how cute would that be?! I’m also thinking of adding one bedroom down there that can act as Jordan’s podcast studio for now, and a half bath in the back corner that seems to have had a bathroom there before. We’re pretty sure there was water damage before we purchased the house which is why that bathroom is no longer there, and found out our neighborhood sits on top a lot of natural springs. The whole basement is water proofed really well, but we don’t want to go too nuts with finishing in case the inevitable happens.

So we are thinking simple bright space with basic walls, leave the floor as is to the painted concrete with area rugs everywhere, and maybe a sexy drop ceiling so we can still access all the house utilities easily? Is a sexy drop ceiling a thing? Obviously, we have a lot to think about here. Let’s see if we get anywhere on this in 2018…

Again, we have high hopes! But with our major kitchen project done we are happy just soaking that in right now. If we don’t get to everything on our list this year, obviously it will be totally fine. The first few items aren’t that costly to do. We just have to do them! So here’s looking at you 2018 and another productive, fun year ahead, with a little more balance!

Last modified: January 4, 2018