Stool Round Up

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Our kitchen is chugging along. Jordan and I are busy every night doing our homework: building out the rest of the cabinets, painting, tiling and more. It’s so fun seeing all the choices we made coming together in real life! It’s what is keeping us going at this point. We’re so close!!!

One of those choices were the stools. I put off making a decision until we saw the new tile floor next to the black of the cabinets, and how much space was gonna be left between the island and the floor transition. I wasn’t really sure what size, material or colors we would want until I started to see the full picture. In the end, I chose a tried and true stool you can find almost everywhere for a really nice price.

I ordered them online from Target for $69 for a set of 2. I ordered three sets, and by stacking a coupon from a mailer, an online sale they had going on, and my 5% Red Card discount with free shipping… I saved around $80. OH! I also got a $10 gift card because of that sale 😉 I know my way around Target savings.

Ultimately, we chose these because 1: cost, 2: color, and 3: backless. I didn’t want to do black on black, but I also didn’t want anything super contrasty or super colorful. So the stainless seemed like the perfect compromise that will also mimic the other stainless elements throughout the kitchen. I also wanted a backless stool. Since the dining room table is going to be next to the island, I’m afraid of having too many chair backs sticking up across the sight line. As we get done this kitchen reno and move the furniture back in, we’ll really be able to see if I was correct in that thinking or if I was over thinking it. If everything goes smooth, the kitchen is scheduled to be completed next week! Just in time for Thanksgiving – which we found out last weekend we are now hosting… start the nervous sweating now.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

While I was shopping around for stools, I found a ton of amazing ones out there! So I put together a small round up of stools for you that I’m in love with. They range from around $40 to $250 each – something in here for almost every budget! Trust me though… there are WAY more expensive ones out there that I left out. Gulp.

Number 4 is the one we purchased for our kitchen, and the lowest in cost. The one I’m most obsessed with is number 1. It’s actually made of real copper, thus the higher price tag. But can you just imagine the patina as it ages, and as the hands of you, your guests and children touch them over time? It would tell a story of your life with each and every touch. UGH! I just can’t even!

I hope you enjoy this small list. I had trouble sticking to only nine. There are seriously so many great options out there it’s hard to choose. If you are shopping around for stools, you will probably experience FOBO (fear of better options) at some point. Happy shopping!

Last modified: November 10, 2017

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