Some Christmas Decor Inspiration

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I’m a little behind in the holiday department. It feels like everyone has been posting photos of their trees up and houses decorated this past week. All over the neighborhood I see holiday lights as I drive by. And here I am painting my living room and mantel! All the painting is done though and Christmas decorating commences this weekend for me! We have a fun weekend planned of hiking, Christmas tree picking and decorating. What’s a festive lunch we could make while we holiday-ify the house?

Since I didn’t do it up too much last year, I’ve been on Pinterest – of course – getting inspired. It’s pretty obvious my thing is all about greens and Christmas trees. I think I will have at least one Christmas tree in every room at some point in my life. No matter how small, it will happen! I try to keep things religious neutral since we celebrate multiple holidays in this home. The menorah will be going up December 12 as I sneak my yearly “I love you because…” cards into various places for Jordan to find each day.

I’ve gathered a few things here that I’ve fallen in love with. Again… it’s mostly greens since I am a crazy plant lady.

Like these sweet and simple wreaths…. swoon! I love them grouped together on a large window or door.


This is the wreath I snagged at Target for our front door. It’s from their Hearth & Hand collection by Magnolia Home. I totally swooped in the morning it was released and bought a ton of stuff! I love how simple this wreath is without being overtly Christmasy. And the bells add that perfect winter sound announcing friends and family arrivals.


Also for the front porch, I’m a big fan of … you guessed it! Christmas trees! Trees flanking the door is always classic and welcoming, and it’s easy to change up the look with the container they are in for your style.

Since we’re talking about the front porch… I don’t think this one requires explanation.


This tree just gets me! Simple, no matching ornaments, letting the tree shine through in all it’s perfect glory! I’m not super into matchy-matchy trees that are tightly styled or have a theme. Don’t get me wrong, they are BEAUTIFUL! But to me and in our home, Christmas is about times shared together. Since my first Christmas tree as an adult was with Jordan, we inadvertently started another tradition our first Christmas living together. We didn’t make as much money at the time, so it was a stretch getting a tree, lights, ornaments… all of it at the same time. So we started with a single set of really cheap ball ornaments and we got one nice ornament. Since then, we have gotten one new ornament each year. This year, we picked up a glass pretzel in a big Christmas shop while we were in Germany. Yep! A pretzel. Our tree is very food centric now that I think about it 😀


Although I love going to cut a tree each year, these flocked trees are tugging at my heart strings… I might need to get one… and still get a fresh cut one too or course!


This is what my true goal in life is. Multiple trees… not the cats. Pretend they are dogs since this is me we are talking about. I absolutely love this Christmas tree forest. I have all the heart eyes staring at this!


There is one ornament I always swoon over each year. Emily Jeffords makes a limited amount of ornaments every year and they are just beautiful! Such a simple concept how she puts small brush strokes over them to make an organic pattern, but her color combinations are inspiring. I just need one of her paintings too while we’re at it.


We are breaking our own “one new ornament a year” rule this year though. I ordered two of these paw print impression kits to make with Tealy and Finn. It’s been something I’ve meant to do, but just seems like one more project I don’t have time for each year. Now it will mean more than anything to spend the time doing it. I’ll let you know how it turns out!


My newest obsession since it’s still new to me… the mantel. Not gonna lie, I found this one last year and it could have played a part into why I chose to paint our mantel black. Ours will be similar since I have all the elements here, but it will be different. I have stockings I need to hang!


These mud cloth stockings are gorgeous! I think they look great over the white, but would probably blend in on a darker mantel. Perfect if you are going for low contrast.


I also found these customizable ones! A nice, crisp, classic stocking with a wood block stamp look, and any name you want. They have several different designs available and I couldn’t decide which I liked better.

I’m so pumped for this weekend!!! Even though we haven’t had a lazy weekend for awhile, this won’t feel like work. Well… maybe cutting the tree will to Jordan.

Last modified: December 1, 2017