Hey there folks! We are Erin and Jordan. Thanks for stopping by to get to know us and our home. Shortly after getting married we became the proud owners of our first home. It has been quite the adventure and glad you’re along for the ride.


Together, we have found a passion for home. Our first rental together was an absolutely charming 1800’s schoolhouse that taught us A LOT about homes. It left us with a desire for updated electrical, a smaller yard, a basement and garage that aren’t homes to copious amounts of mice and snakes, and that insulated windows would be a nice touch. I shudder just thinking of another winter with original 1800’s windows with 12 foot ceilings. Armed with the knowledge of what was now important to us in a home, we went on the hunt.


We knew the area in Maryland we wanted to be in, and that we didn’t want quite as old of a house as before. We had mostly been looking at 1920s – 1930s two story homes. But when we walked into this 1960’s brick rancher, we knew it was the one for us. It was obviously loved by it’s previous owners by how well they maintained all the non-sexy but important things in the house, and we were drawn to the flow of all the rooms. The cosmetic stuff we knew we could change! We kept it small, sticking to 1,500 square feet of living space. But that space works SO MUCH better for our lives. We now have storage! With room to grow!


As we work on turning this house into our work-in-progress home, we will try to keep our philosophy in mind: keep it small, live below our means, and enjoy life not things. We will always try to choose quality over quantity, not clutter our space and make decisions that are right for our lifestyle… although I do always want more pillows and artwork. We’re sure to get into some hi-jinx along the way and share what we learn, renovation stories, some DIY’s, tasty recipes, LOTS of dog photos (just get used to it now), and whatever else may be going on in our brains at the moment. Welcome to our home!




“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love,” – Nate Berkus.



Our Current Home

Our little slice of heaven! And where we hide from people most of the time. It’s a work in progress but we love it and love the journey of making it ours. You can see more on our Home Tour page, where you can see all the current photos of our home in one location, with all the good, the bad and the ugly!








Our Old Schoolhouse & First Home Together

We rented this house together for 5 years out in the country. The house was stunning in the snow, Tealy could sprint around the whole house in only four seconds, and Jordan proposed by that fire pit. It was oozing with charm and 1800’s quirks. Built in 1880 as a two room schoolhouse, this place got a second chance at life being converted into a residence by our landlords’ grandfather in the 1930’s. And yes, those are outhouses in the backyard. No, they were not functioning and I’m pretty sure that’s where the ground hogs lived.