Random Thoughts: Passover & Easter Edition

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Happy Passover and Easter! As many of you know, Jordan and I grew up with different religions. Even though neither of us are really religious now, we still celebrate the days as time together, enjoying the company and being thankful for what we have in life. So this weekend, I’m sooooo looking forward to slowing down and taking advantage of the sudden thaw we are experiencing and sun in the forecast. Cause it really is that simple! Maybe go on a hike finally. What better way to celebrate Spring then to experience the freedom outside and take in Mother Nature’s rebirth.

It also wouldn’t be a holiday without food! Tonight, there will be matzo ball soup a plenty! On Sunday for Easter… who knows. Maybe a Cuban sandwich? That has ham in it ;P Then on Monday… yes, that is a holiday too… chocolate candy sale!!!

Some other random thoughts I’ve got for you this week:

– If you use cast iron in your kitchen, you need to get this chainmail scrubber! I saw this as a lighting deal on Amazon one evening and snatched it up. It cleans so well, and feels nice to not consistently throw away steel wool balls that are nasty and falling apart. Not only is it environmentally friendlier, but it saves us some money for the same reason.

– Very shortly after we brought Finn into our lives, I signed up for a six month BarkBox subscription. I thought it would be helpful in figuring out what kind of toys he prefers and build up some new stuff so Tealy wouldn’t feel like he stole all her toys. I honestly can’t recommend it enough. It has been SO MUCH FUN! Finn loves getting his box each month, and the themes are always a trip for me. This month’s box was an artist theme, and we got a Bob Ross squirrel toy which Finn absolutely LOVES TO DEATH! He also enjoys carrying around and squeaking the painters palette at me. It’s enough to make this art major’s heart melt every time. Also… BarkBox’s corporate branding, and puns for every product name, simply bring me joy. I’ve found these also make a great gift to send to someone with a new pooch in their lives 😉

– I was on the hunt for a cloud based address book so I wouldn’t have to keep asking friends their address to mail them something. While searching around I came upon Postable and I love it! It has an address book feature that is super easy to use. You can even send out an online form to everyone you want and they enter their own info for you! The real kicker… Postable is also a snail mail service with tons of great greeting card options to choose from. TONS! You choose your card, choose who you want it to go to from your address book, write your greeting and choose from several fonts that look handwritten. They send it out in an envelope with a real stamp on it and everything! If you want, you can even have Postable notify you of birthdays and anniversaries for each of your contacts so you never miss sending a card. Or, better yet… set up automatic birthday card deliveries to everyone in your address book! I sent a card to Jordan just because, and he was so confused why I would have sent the card through the mail instead of just handing him the hand written card… Hahahaha!!! It took a little explaining that I didn’t actually write in the card myself. So I would say, pretty successful!
If you wanna try it, sign up & use my coupon code MR5X2VIW6S and you’ll get $5 off any order over $20 (and I’ll get $5 in credit too). Thanks! Then after you sign up, you can get your friends to join and keep getting $5!

– The steam mop I purchased a bit ago included a deal. If we left an Amazon review, they would send us two additional cleaning pads. So I went online and left a glowing review! But when I did this, I saw the expansive list of things we have purchased and never left feedback on. Thinking about how much I rely on product reviews when purchasing items online, I got a little upset with myself. I decided to make a conscience effort to be better about leaving reviews on items and services we use. Not only will it help the seller if it’s a good review, but will also help other consumers out there just like you and I. Pay it forward!

Now go have a great weekend, however you spend it!

Last modified: March 30, 2018