Random Thoughts: Oyster Festival, Furniture Sales, Clothes I’m Digging and Holiday Cards

Written by Life

So Jordan and I had our last outing for a little while this past weekend. We headed to the Urbanna Oyster Festival in Virginia and ATE. ALL. THE. THINGS. It was something my parents and I would go to every year when I was younger and it just stood out to me as this thing I loved. Even at a young age, I was super into eating food. This year, I remembered to look up the dates and we planned a little weekend getaway with a relaxing Airbnb and everything.

At first it seemed like our plans would be foiled by rain yet again this year, but we were able to head down the next morning and had the BEST WEATHER WE COULD EVER ASK FOR! It was a Christmas miracle! We then ate our way through as many different types of oysters as we could, I had a little bowl of cream of crab soup to die for, shared some bacon wrapped scallops and pickle chips, then polished things off with fried Oreos and a fried Twinkie. I think those last ones were what set us over the edge… We both crashed as soon as we got back to our Airbnb.

Jordan already said “next year…” which makes my heart flutter! I’m so happy I was able to share something fond from my childhood with him and have him fall in love too. Now though, we are just ready to be home and focusing on some projects we each have been working on, including finishing up our pink bathroom gosh darn-it! I’ve felt like that has been “almost done!” for weeks now and it’s driving me crazy!


Furniture Sale

This is a public service announcement. World Market is having a sale right now through November 25 for 40% off all furniture. FOURTY PERCENT OFF! Dude! That’s huge! Here are a few of my favorite picks with huge savings you could snag right now.


Clothes I’m Digging

If you don’t know already, I’m into minimal living a little bit. I’ve talked about doing my version of a capsule wardrobe and then how it turned out one year later. Lots of people think this means I don’t ever go shopping and just live with the same thing forever. What they don’t realize is – I LOVE SHOPPING! – this is why the capsule wardrobe is good for me. It gets me to be more intentional with my purchases and really know myself, ultimately saving some money in the long run because I’m buying better pieces that will last longer and leave out the crap.

Well… I just swapped around my closet and decided I wasn’t really in love with a lot of the stuff from last year. A few sweaters I pulled out I remember not wearing very often, or they were looking a bit worse for wear. Which got me thinking about how I didn’t really ever wear any of my gray long sleeve shirts, which I have a couple of for some reason. I had several things in my wardrobe I kept because they were “good staple pieces.” But I don’t wear them. So I started making a donation bag. Next thing I knew, I had gotten rid of 10 items. So needless to say, I may have gone a little nuts replacing some things lately… but I had fun doing it! Here are some of the items I’ve purchased recently and am totally in love with. My favorites being my new Madewell jeans (I’m totally smitten and they are soooo worth the money!), and my new wool coat (also pricy, but will be a great piece for a long time).

Next thing I might try with my wardrobe is a 10×10 wardrobe challenge. If you’re wondering what the heck that is, check this out!


Holiday Cards

I’ve been super stoked using Postable so far this year for all my snail mail needs. I’ve actually turned into a person that sends thank you cards! Well, they had an early bird coupon code I wanted to use and I was excited to try out their “carbon copy” feature which allows you to create one card with one message and send it to as many people in your address book as you want. I was happily surprised when I found out they leave some flexibility, allowing me to go into each card and personalize them slightly for certain people. I was so excited that I was done all my holiday cards after just 15 minutes, that after I hit “order” I realized I forgot to schedule the cards to be sent just after Thanksgiving… and so I’ve been receiving texts from friends and family this week about how I win as the first holiday card they’ve received! Hahahahahahaha! It didn’t hurt that the card design is awesome, so I’m winning on all the levels right now. Cause winning is what the Holidays are really about, am I right ;P

Last modified: November 7, 2018