Pink Bathroom Reveal

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WE DID IT! Here is my theme music you can listen to while reading. It truly embodies my emotions right now.

The pink bathroom is officially done and I’m in love. I painted Friday, and on Saturday Jordan helped finish wiring the lights and hanging the mirror. I did some last minute caulking in the closet and on the window frame, and caulked the shower fixtures and sink to seal them up water tight. Then I went nuts being super intentional with each item I brought back into the room. I shopped the house for a couple items to use in here, which snowballed into redecorating other spaces around the house the rest of the day… but that’s how it goes and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

The thing I’m most happy with is the lighting. Since this was supposed to be a budget remodel, it would have been easy to just swap out the overhead light with a new one. But we chose the lighting to be the one thing we would move in the room because lighting is always that important. I’ve already moved all my makeup into here, and it’s so incredibly nice not having down lighting causing shadows on my face while I’m trying to get ready. I seriously don’t know how I’ve lived my whole life until now!

Even at night, the light is just perfect!

We are also so happy with the vanity and soft close drawers. If you know me, you know how much I love drawers for increasing usable space! This IKEA vanity has drawers that pull all the way out so you can get to things alllll the way in the back with ease. So much better than the giant cave I would loose things in before.

All the little details come together to make this a perfect mix of vintage styles and modern moments. But in all honesty… I think this rug makes the room. It was a lot of searching and many more hours than I ever thought I would spend looking for just the right rug, but I can’t even imagine anything else in here now. I know I’m biased, but it wouldn’t be the same without it. It’s also Finn’s favorite spot in the house now. Officially never gonna be able to go to the bathroom alone again, ever.

This is him being my shadow while trying to take photos… “I’m just gonna sit right here and watch you.” Thanks buddy… that’s a great place to sit while I’m trying to take photos of the bathroom…

Another little detail is the print hanging above the mirror. I actually love the symmetry it adds to this more classic styled room. But it is a complete fluke this little art moment is where it is. That frame is hiding the main junction box we found behind the old light fixture. To be up to code, it has to remain accessible, meaning it can’t be drywalled over. We were planning to put a plate over it and paint it the same color as the wall, but I think this was a much more elegant solution that Jordan came up with! It should only be temporary, because we will be able to address the old wiring issue when we work on our master bathroom just on the other side of this wall.

In the meantime, I made this little print inspired by a lot of prints with hand imagery I’ve been admiring lately. It has a cheeky twist based on what it’s hiding, sort of like “Hey, no need to look here. Everything is a-ok!” Or… It could be interpreted as “Hey, you’re looking pretty sizzlin!” Whichever suits your need.

On Sunday night, I took my first shower in here. You’ve gotta test out everything so when guests come, you know how to help them if something is a little wonky! The verdict – I’m moving in to the pink bathroom. Jordan can have the master bathroom to himself. I’m in love with our oversized shower head and both the settings were ah-mazing!

My little experiment also helped me notice a couple things I’m going to add to the space to make it a bit more functional for guests. I will be getting a couple nice suction hooks for the shower for anyone that brings a loofa or something they need to hang in the shower. We have these in our shower and love them! I’m also going to add a hook on the back of the door for towels. Since our interior doors are all hollow core though, it’s just going to be a Command hook that sticks on the surface. I found this black one that actually looks kind of nice and will go with the black door hardware quite nicely.

Now for the real fun stuff! How much did it all cost? I did a much better job keeping track of every single dollar we spent on this project than I have in the past. So here is a breakdown of exactly what went where:

Plumbing Labor and Various Supplies $1,099.12 (had to call them out two times)
Electrical Labor and Various Supplies $188.54 (a good friend did the labor)
Grout $31.29
Grout Sealer $30.20
Floor Paint $40
Light Fixtures $100
Shower Head $200.82
Bath Fixtures $99.45
Vanity & Sink Basin $369.94
Sink Faucet $77.48
Mirror $280.18
Drawer Pulls $33.92
Miscellaneous Plumbing Supplies $30.15
Soft Close Toilet Seat $29.98
Paint $52.61 (Valspar Adobe Blush)

TOTAL $2,224.68

Not to shabby! This was a small remodel because we wanted to save as much of the original pink stuff as possible. If we hadn’t had to call a plumber out twice, this would have been under $2,000!

Now for another really fun part: a before and after! Are you ready for this?…



Like WHAT!?!!? Even without changing much but the vanity, lights, mirror and adding some paint, this bathroom looks soooooooooooo much different! Who knew this pink-hating girl would ADD MORE pink to a room in her home! This little bathroom has really changed my opinion on the color. It just has to be done right.

And since the before photo is right there hitting me in the face, go back up and check out the old floor again. I’ll wait…

That old floor!!! UGH! I’m SO happy we chose to paint the floor! This after photo just wouldn’t be the same if we had skipped that. Painting the floor white really quieted the space and allowed the soft pink wall tiles to be the star of the show instead. Ok, I feel better now that I got that off my chest.

In the end, I hope you can find inspiration from this space. That you don’t need to knock down walls and start over to make something feel fresh and more like you. It can take just a few intentionally chosen changes to make a huge impact on function and style. It may have some flaws here and there since we DIY’d and learned a lot trying new things we had never done before, but that’s the beauty of it! Thanks for tagging along with this remodel with us even though (as always) it took us much longer than expected. If you would like to read up on every other post about the bathroom process, then it’s you’re luck day!
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I also have all my Instagram stories about the pink bathroom saved to my highlights if you ever feel like seeing me talk through some of our decisions and frustrations. We also documented the first four weeks of renovations in videos on my IGTV you can check out here:
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Oh! You also want sources to everything in the room? Well… I got you covered boo! Some items are not exact, but very similar to what we have.

Now excuse me while I go soak in my vintage pink tub 😀

Last modified: November 13, 2018