Pink Bathroom Renovation: Week 3 & 4

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We’ve come a long way since our last renovation post. You can catch up on week 1, week 2 and how we painted the floor tile here if you missed them. After our little trip away to LA and a wedding weekend overlapping a nasty cold we both caught… it was soooo nice to be homebodies and get some work in on our project.

We obviously got the floor painting done before our trip, as we planned. It was a hustle with a couple late evenings to get all the coats in, but we got it done so it could cure without us worrying about walking on it.

I just love how crisp it turned out! It’s strange to say, but it makes the pink feel more comfortable. It’s not competing with all the other pinks going on around it and really lets the pink wall tiles shine.

Next, we snuck in some grout sealing on the Sunday after a wedding. It didn’t take long at all, especially with the two of us tag teaming it. Jordan used a paint brush just wide enough to cover the grout line with the liquid sealer, then following package directions I came behind him and wiped off the excess after five minutes. We did a second coat the next Monday evening for good measure.

Then finally, our first free weekend came! Cue the trumpets! We got so many things done! On the agenda for this past weekend, was installing the vanity and sink, and installing all the new fixtures in the tub and shower. Mission: Turn Water Back On.

To start our Saturday, we headed to Lowes and Home Depot to get all the plumbing materials we thought we would need to install the sink. The IKEA sink we purchased came with the plumbing specific for their product with drawers. However, our cold and hot water pipes are set closer together than the IKEA plumbing is made for. We’ll get back to this in a bit.

While we were out, I of course took some time to collect every pink paint swatch possible and we already narrowed them down to a few choices. Oddly enough, the swatch named “Perfection” seems to be our favorite on paper, even earning a definitive YES from Jordan.

So now for the real work. First, we had to place the vanity. Since we already have the old toothbrush and soap dish on the wall, we chose to center the vanity based on those. Next, I held it in place while Jordan checked the level and fiddled with the feet to get it just so. Once we had it where we wanted it, we marked each of the four bracket holes and moved the vanity aside. This is where trip #2 to the hardware store came into play. Whoops! We had to go back for a tile bit to pre-drill the holes and place the anchors. Once we had the correct bit, we just went slow drilling and kept spraying water over the hole to keep things cool to be sure we didn’t crack a tile. After this hurtle, it was smooth sailing again… for a little bit.

Now we have the vanity fully secured to the wall! At this point, we put the top drawer in so we could see the amount of space we had to work with between the wall and drawer backs. Next, we dry fit the plumbing for the drain we had purchased to piece it all together and make sure it would work before sealing anything in place. Once we felt good with it, we took it apart and sealed everything properly for the main drain.

Next, Jordan wanted to install the faucet and the flexible cold and hot water lines that came with it were pretty long, maybe about 16″. So trip #3 to the hardware store to get some shorter lines. However, those new lines he brought home wouldn’t work because they had both male and female fittings on either end. But the lines that came with our faucet had just female fittings at both ends. So we still had to use those, and just tucked the lines a certain way so they shouldn’t ever interfere with the drawers.

Finally, we just had to attach the flexible rubber pipe IKEA provided for the over flow drain. And here came trip #4 to the hardware store hahaha! Us dummies… we didn’t think about how we extended the distance from the hole in the sink to the drain pipe by moving it a little. We ended up finding a corrugated flexible pipe that was a hair smaller than the rubber pipe provided. We cut the rubber pipe so we had two long pieces of that, put one on the sink drain, then put the corrugated pipe inside that, then the other piece of the rubber pipe and attached that to the rest of the drain pipe. It sounds ridiculous, but trust me, it’s fine! You’ll get to see all of it in a big ole’ video we are putting together for you so it’s easier to follow along.

And there you have it! A working sink! The water is turned back on, draining properly, with no leaks… I call that a success! It only took us all day.

To finish off our Saturday, Jordan was able to fly through installing the shower fixtures in a half hour. I just have to come back in and caulk the knob and faucet later, but this area is basically finished!

On Sunday, we had an electrician friend come over to help us with some random electrical work around the house. We’ve had a couple items for him to do since the summer and have just waited until he was able to come over. When he contacted us and let us know he could do this Sunday… well… of course we asked! Electrical is the next item on our timeline to tackle anyway. If he couldn’t do it, no big deal since we already expected to hire this out. To our surprise, he said he could handle our bathroom for us too.

We had to make a few decisions here quickly though. Electrical never seems to be easy for us ever.

1. I wanted to move the outlet next to the old mirror to the inside of a drawer in the vanity. However, after hearing about how difficult it would be with out the wall down we just decided to leave it where it is with a couple tweaks. He hooked me up with an all white GFCI outlet instead of the one with a red and black reset button. The old was also upside down… it was oddly frustrating (scroll back up to see the old one in other photos). So now it’s cleaned up, straight on the wall and the right side up. It’s amazing how much of a difference that made! FYI, we are getting the same vanity (but smaller) for our master bathroom and will put the outlet in the drawer in there. It will be easier at that point because we plan to open the wall up and redo the wiring to make it perfect for how it will be used.

2. After removing the old light from above the mirror, he found a main junction box. It had old wiring that hadn’t been capped properly and the end of one wire was black… eeeek! This is also a housing and junction for all the wiring through this room and probably our master bathroom right on the other side of the wall. Our options were a) to cap the wires properly that aren’t in use and put a removable cover over the hole in the wall that I can paint to match the wall to adhere to code, or b) start pulling wiring to rewire the room which could have been a 1 hour fix or a week long job. Jordan came up with a great compromise: we are going to do the simple cover for now even though the new mirror won’t cover it as a quick solution. Then when we work on our master bathroom, we will remove that wall from the other side and rewiring at that point won’t be such a beast. Once our bathroom is done and everything rewired properly, we can come back in the pink bathroom and patch the hole in the wall where there will no longer be a main junction box, paint it and no one will be the wiser!

3. While measuring out the two new lights to place on the sides, he discovered the left hand side of the boxed out old medicine cabinet had an additional stud next to it, and a pipe just to the left of that. I was so ready to hear that I would have to settle for a light above the mirror again, but that’s not what I was told! We had to run back to the hardware store for a shallow box to run the wiring through. It only sits back about one inch instead of three inches like the old work boxes. So we had to remove some of the plaster, like we would have had to anyway, and then chisel out about a quarter inch into the studs to sit this new shallow box in the wall. It was a good fix, but made something that should have been super easy for him into a little more of a pain in the ass. But it was doable and I’m getting my side lighting after all!

As you can see, we have one light up and had him leave the other one off since we just have to remove them to paint anyway. I ordered some LED Edison bulbs for our glass globe lights, and thought I wanted to even out all the pink with a cooler light… but as soon as I saw it, I knew I didn’t like it. So some new bulbs are on their way in my favorite 2700K range!

He also was sweet enough to swap out our two switches for us, which we fully intended to just do ourselves. They were black switches with a white plate, and they were also crooked. We had some switches left over from the kitchen work he was able to throw in, and he straightened everything up so my eye doesn’t twitch every time I turn the light on and off anymore.

In the end, he was at our house for seven hours and charged us a ridiculously low price!!! So we are gonna treat him and his better half out to a nice dinner or fun outing because that’s just not ok in my book to work so hard on a weekend, help us out so much and get so little, hahaha! Because he came out this weekend and got all our electrical things knocked out, we are actually a little ahead of schedule. We are coming down to the wire! All that’s left is to patch the wall, paint and hang the mirror! I’M SO EXCITED! I’M NOT YELLING! YOU’RE YELLING!

I archived all my Instagram stories about the pink bathroom as a highlight on my profile so you can refer back to them. And keep an eye out this week for our plumbing video all about how we hacked our IKEA vanity.

Last modified: October 9, 2018