Pillow Inserts on the Cheap

Written by Decor, DIY

A few weeks ago, I found money in my Paypal account I forgot about. I couldn’t let it burn a hole in my pocket… so I jumped on Etsy and treated myself to some pillow covers I had my eye on for awhile! I snagged myself five new covers from Sarikaya Kilim Pillows, who only sells pillow covers made from vintage Turkish kilim rugs. She has a ton of sizes available and are made with outstanding quality.

When it came to finding the right inserts, I didn’t want to ruin these awesome covers by stuffing them with cheap fluff balls that loose their shape after you squish them a few times. I tend to like overstuffed feather inserts so the pillows are extra squishy and don’t flatten out with no return. But those are always sooooo expensive, am I right?

Fret not! I have the solution to your luxury pillow insert budget issue! Head to Home Goods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx or any other store you know that is similar, and beeline for the clearance pillows. Look for the pillows based on the size you need, not the style of the cover, and pay attention to how the inserts feel to find the right fill you’re looking for. If you can’t find the exact size you need, settling for something slightly larger is fine. But don’t ever go smaller. I always feel it’s better to be overstuffed and firm, then to have the insert be too small and the cover be floppy, not filled and flat at the corners.

I always like to make it a game, and see just how ugly of a pillow I can find that will suit my needs and save me money. Like Where’s Waldo, but with ugly pillows. I was able to get two pillows at the sizes I needed for $16.99 and $19.99. BAM! Although, they weren’t too ugly this go around. I’ll just have to try harder next time.

So how much did I really save you ask? Let’s take this pillow cover shown as our example. It’s a 10×20 inch cover. I spent $19.99 on an insert at Home Goods that was slightly larger, making our finished pillow firmer. On Wayfair, you’re looking at spending at least $23 +shipping, or this one I found on Amazon for $26.10 +$12.95 shipping. So I saved at the VERY least $5, and got to feel the insert before buying it. And… this insert I bought wasn’t even on clearance! Since this is a harder to find size, I ended up buying a full price pillow. If you’re buying a more standard size square pillow about 18×18 or 20×20, you will be able to find pillows for about $7 or less sometimes. Jackpot! That’s how I end up with tubs of pillow inserts in the basement just waiting for the day I find more forgotten money to spend on pillow covers!

The rest is super easy! Either zip open or cut those gems out of their old covers. If you’re cutting them out, be sure you are only cutting the cover and not your precious insert. Then, with insert in hand, shove them in your new beautiful covers. Voila! Feather pillows for less. Now go do a little dance of joy for saving money AND having beautiful pillows. You earned it!

Last modified: September 7, 2017