Patching the Bathroom Wall

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Admittedly, not much has been happening in the pink bathroom lately. My pretty vanity has been under a tarp and covered in dust for several weeks now. It kind of stalled out with random stuff going on over the weekends eating away our time. It’s so much fun to be doing all the things we have been up to, but it also hurts this homebody’s soul who just wants to finish this project already!!!

Three weekends ago, we were away the whole weekend. I had planned that we would get up the sheet rock over the hole in the wall that Sunday night when we were back. Then I could spend the work week evenings tapping and mudding and sanding to patch the wall. Well… that didn’t happen. Needless to say we were a bit burnt out and just wanted to chill and unpack our bags.

So the following weekend, while I was stuck getting my car worked on, Jordan finally covered the hole with sheet rock. That Sunday I was able to start patching, and doing coats during the work week. However, we of course had to stop to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary during the week, so there was another day nothing happened in the bathroom. Bringing us to last weekend when I still had at least one coat left to smooth things out, and we were super social and barely home the whole weekend… ugh…

Next weekend won’t be much help either since we’ve had it scheduled for two months to go away for the weekend to enjoy a food festival. I’m super excited about out little getaway though! We are gonna have a blast getting away all by ourselves for a change. But at this point, our family is trying to determine who is hosting Thanksgiving and we may have some guests stay at our house and I’m going into panic mode (even though I know Thanksgiving is still more than 20 days away). So this girl needs a break to stay home and feel refreshed in my everyday habitat! You feel me?!


So how have we gotten to where we are now in the bathroom? Last time you saw it, it was looking something like this. We had gotten the new wiring done for the lights.

After that one Saturday, Jordan had it looking like this! Under that piece of sheet rock, he added some 2x4s to secure the sheet rock to. He also added some new “studs” under the area where we will be installing the new mirror eventually so that additional support to screw into. He was able to cut the sheet rock just the right size and slide that bad boy into place, nice and flush with the existing plaster walls.

To patch the area around the one new light fixture we had to hack open, he had to get crafty. He took the original square plaster chunk that was cut out from the wall when the wiring was installed, and used the Dremel to route out the circle of the shallow box. It took some patience, but look how proud he was when he was done!

Next, it was my turn. Outside of patching nail holes and the occasional small hole that I can cover with mesh like I did in this post, I have never had to mud over fresh drywall or sheet rock. So this is all new to me and I have a new appreciation for the pros. There is definitely a little artistry to it! I watched a video before hand on how to tape and mud drywall and found this one to be really helpful. The main take away I had is the importance of feathering out the edges on each coat a little further each time so you aren’t just building up joint compound in the same spot, ultimately raising the surface noticeably.

So I broke out the tape and cut each piece to cover the seams without overlapping another piece of tape. Then I broke out my wider knife for the first coat of joint compound so I could do fewer swipes and try to keep it smoother from the start. My first coat was not that smooth unfortunately. It ended up being more of a “getting the feel for this” coat. You can see on the corner I got a little messy. Let’s just say, I’m super thankful electric sanders are a thing.

After sanding that first coat, I repeated the process for the next coat with the wider knife. But this time I feathered out the edges about two inches passed the first coat. This second coat did go on smoother for me as well. So the second time I sanded, I didn’t need to go as nuts with it to get everything smooth. For my third coat, I repeated the process again, doing long smooth strokes and feathering out the edges passed the previous coat.

This was my last coat of joint compound just before sanding. Look how buttery smooth that looks! The more you work on getting the joint compound to lay smooth when you slather it on, the less work you have to do afterwards sanding… and sanding is my least favorite thing to do.

This whole area above the original hole in the wall had to be re-skimmed as well due to old paint lines and some dents in the wall. I did this very similar to mudding the seams, being generous with the joint compound in the middle and feathering out the edges.

As you can see from the photo above, my mud lines are much wider than the seams I was covering. You can also see how I re-skimmed above the new sheet rock as well, all the way up to the old light fixture hole.

So this hole… we can’t patch it at this time since, low and behold, there is a main junction box in the wall there. In our area, you can’t permanently patch over a live junction box. So for now, we have a removable plate we are going to cover it with that I will paint to match the wall color. But the plan is to remove this junction box and rewire everything when we work on our master bathroom renovation over the winter, which is just on the other side of this wall. Then we can come back in here and patch that hole for good. So it’s not going to look absolutely perfect to start out, but those are the little compromises you have to make from time to time.

So after a work week of mudding and sanding I’m finally done that step! Can you guess what is next? PAINT!

I got two samples of paint and I’m actually surprised with them on the wall. From just the card swatch, I would have gone with Valspar’s Perfection. But on the wall… I actually prefer Valspar’s Adobe Blush. Just goes to show… always get those swatches! Paint them on different surfaces in the space that get different light and see what they look like in sun light and at night with lights turned on.

So I’m gonna be able to start painting now. To try and get this thing wrapped up without an open weekend soon, I’m gonna paint in chunks on the week nights. Still a bit of work to go, but I think I’ve got the motivation of being so close to the finish line at this point! I can’t wait to share this finished space and the new rug I got for this space as well! Thanks for your help on Instagram picking one out! I’m also toying with the idea of getting a short shelf, maybe 4 – 4.5 feet tall in this corner. It’s pretty narrow though, and I don’t want to visually clutter up the entrance of the bathroom, so we will see what I can find. Stay tuned folks! SO CLOSE!!!

Last modified: October 31, 2018