Our Current Art Collection, Some Art & Frame Sources

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I’m mentally to a place in the house where I’m ready to focus on hanging more artwork. We just knocked out the last of the painting, and installed the last window shades in the house two weekends ago. Both were items on my grand 2018 home plan list. I also made one of my New Year’s Resolutions to get over my wall art slump. So I’d like to keep this train moving and cross off some more items on my list!

It’s been hard trying to imagine what I want where and what I want to invest in. But you know what I realized? Spackle exists. It’s an easy fix if I get tired of something and want to change it up. In the bedroom, we added our DIY picture ledge so we can easily swap out artwork with even more ease. Also, I have yet to dislike any artwork I have purchased. It’s almost like I know what I enjoy or something and should trust myself more…

As I’m starting to look to intentionally add to my collection of wall decor, I thought it would be good to share some of the various artwork I have through our home now, and some sources for art and frames that I always go to first. I feel to add with intention, you must take account of what you already have so you know where you are going. Let’s take a look!

Master Bedroom

Photo by Jackalope Photography | Pencil Illustration by April Alayne | Painting by Clare Elsaesser

Most frames in here hold photos of our life together. One is the photo we used for our save the date cards for our wedding, and this photo of Jordan is from a paint fight session we did with my photographer friend that was so incredibly fun! The pencil illustration was done by an old friend of mine from grade school, and the painting print I purchased from a favorite artist of mine on Etsy when she was having a seconds sale. This was just the first piece I’ve purchased from her. I plan on getting more!

Star Map | Large Black Frame | Small Black Frames and White Frame from Target over the years

The large print is from The Night Sky. I was totally sucked in by the customization of it. This print shows the night sky from Gettysburg, PA (where we got married) on the night we were married! They customize this for whatever date is special to you, and you can choose from a few color options and other design elements to make it completely unique to you. The black and white photo in the white frame is of Tealy sprinting towards me on the sand dunes at Kitty Hawk, NC; one of our favorite spontaneous trips.

On another wall, we have a map of the US with all the National Parks called out. This print came with stickers we can add over the parks we have visited so far. I also have a print I’m finally going to get framed that I got as a gift for Jordan from a local artist. It’s a Norman Rockwell-esque looking print of a sloppy dude, drawing himself as a buff Batman. It’s hilarious, suits Jordan as a Batman fan boy, suits me in the art history department, and the colors just go with our home. It was such a surprising little find one day. I can’t wait to show it to you guys framed!

Guest Bedroom

I’m still finishing up this room and on the hunt for a frame for this large piece of art I purchased. But here is what I’ve got for this space. I just fell in love with this piece and bought it as large as I possibly could! Along with this, I have a few table frames scattered around the room, filled with vacation photos for our guests to enjoy while they are traveling.


Our office is filled with even more meaningful artwork. This little painting was done by my Mom of our first home together – the school house. Check out our Home Tour page for more photos of that charming place where we became family.

This vintage wood chuck target practice sheet is also hung in our office. It’s another ode to the school house for us, because we had a crazy bad issue with ground hogs there. As you would walk through the yard, you could feel the ground sinking under you because of all their damn tunnels. I also couldn’t grow anything because of them… So a target practice sheet was fitting since I was cursing at them constantly!


Photo by Jackalope Photography | Print & Frame

My girlfriend got me this print and frame through Artifact Uprising for Christmas after she did a photoshoot for us with Tealy. Just this past weekend, we finally decided where we wanted it to go. Next to the front door, so Tealy is always giving us a high five as we leave the house – like we used to do with her everyday when we left for work.

Living Room

Photo by Abby Caldwell Photography

So far, all we have out in our living room is this photo from our wedding and the mat we used as our guest book. The frame is from Target a few years ago. It’s so fun to come up to this every now and then and read the notes from our peeps.


This one was easy for me. I used to have a pretty successful Etsy shop myself for a few years, called Articipe. This was the first print I made, and was always my favorite. My shop is no more, but that moment in my life lives on through this little print. The frame is from a company I can’t remember that also sold my prints in a limited run. This was a sample I was sent.

I also have a small scale painting my Mom did of Tealy a few years ago. It’s living in a glass kitchen cabinet for now, but I’m hoping to find it a better home. A Finn painting is currently in the works!

Very soon, I will be adding these to the kitchen as well. I picked up these gold floating frames from the Dollar Spot in Target a few weeks ago. I’m gonna swap out the twine with some gold chain and pop in some recipe cards from my grandmother.

As you can probably tell, a good majority of the artwork in our home is meaningful. I plan to keep that theme going, but also get some stuff just because we like it. If it brings you joy, it’s worth being in your home! Here are some of the places I’m poking around for artwork currently, but please send me any other sources you know about. Share the wealth!

Artwork Sources

Frame Sources

Last modified: February 28, 2018