Our Country Gettysburg Wedding

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One year ago, we officially became husband and wife in Gettysburg, PA. Jordan proposed by our fire pit at the school house we used to live in after a day of hiking. The dog was sleeping in the biggest chair and Jordan got on one knee after saying “you know what I hate? Calling you my girlfriend.” I had a split moment to be like… “wait, what?!” when he finished up with “I would rather call you my wife,” while opening something I assumed was a ring box. The fire was dying down at that point and I couldn’t see. I couldn’t have asked for anything more US. Home, outdoors, with the dog, and Jordan showing his compassion with a large dose of his humor.

Obviously, we quickly started thinking about how to get married. We had thought of just going to a court house and then having a party, but we also felt like we would regret not having a wedding with friends and family. So a wedding it was going to be! We came up with our guest list, which was about 80 people strong, and the rest came together pretty easily. Our main goal, outside of getting hitched, was to just have as much fun as possible and make our guests feel really welcome, while incorporating things that really showed US as a couple.

Gettysburg, PA was quickly at the top of my list for locations because it was practically my second home growing up with my family always camping there. It was also an easy sell because it was a good middle ground for our friends and family, has a TON of places to stay, and would be easy for guests to make a weekend out of it if they wanted to with all the things to do in town.

I found a blog post with amazing photos and the rest is history. Those photos sent us to Gettysburg Battlefield Bed & Breakfast for our venue, and also found us our wedding photographer, Abby Caldwell Photography, who captured almost every amazing moment for us.

Part of what we liked so much at the Bed & Breakfast was the ability to stay on premises. So getting ready was so easy in their beautiful rooms. We were also able to get all our family and wedding party to stay there, taking up the whole place for the weekend.

So many details were DIY’d because that’s who I am. My Mom helped with a lot of it and some of my favorite wedding planning trips were to the silk flower store picking all the pieces for the whole wedding. Best part about silk flowers? No rushing right before the wedding to get them all perfect and I still have all of them to decorate the house with!

For the guys, we chose to pick the colors for the outfit and let them go buy what fits them and was in their budget. This way, hopefully, they would get a good pair of pants and shirt out of the deal they can wear again rather than wasting the money on a tux rental. Plus, we really aren’t tuxedo party kind of people. We did supply the ties for them though, to help make them look like they matched.

For Jordan’s outfit, he actually already had that vest and bow tie. So… win! He also got pants and a shirt he wears over and over again. His shoes were the only fancier part of his outfit we had to get. But now he has a very nice pair of brown leather shoes to wear over and over.

For the girls, we wanted to do the same thing. I chose a color palette of blush pinks and lilacs, and let them go find a dress of their choice at their budget. I loved how each one of them chose a dress that really matched their personalities. And yes, Tealy was in our wedding and we made her a lace bandana.

My dress and veil were found at David’s Bridal on sale. We got those for less than $400. It was so comfortable and left room for me to eat the BBQ and sweet treats we had at the wedding! The flower crown was made by my Mom with silk flowers. I chose not to wear a lot of jewelry, only wearing citrin stud earrings my Mom gave me and a custom bracelet I ordered with a phrase in my Grandmother’s handwriting. Sticking with my comfortable theme, I got lace Toms for my feet, and I can keep wearing them on a regular basis.

Dogs aplenty makes a great wedding!

It ended up being a chilly, misty, cloudy day. But my walkout song was “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles. Apparently, the sun came out right as I was walked down the aisle. You can’t plan this stuff!

Everything about our ceremony was great, but this is where our officiant really outdid herself! Stephanie is a ‘Life Cycle Celebrant,’ putting together ceremonies that really speak to the couple. She customized the entire ceremony down to every word base on who we are and our love story. We had a pretty lengthy questionnaire to fill out to help her do her job and Jordan was classically being sarcastic on one of the questions. Basically, he said he would not be happy unless “The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch” from Monty Python was incorporated into our ceremony…

Well… she did it! At the end of the ceremony, she added in a reading for the instructions on how to lobeth the holy hand grenade of love to bring cheer to the people, following the script pretty well from the film. We had found a couple kabuki streamers that keep all the streamers connected to the container for easy clean up and used those as our grenades.

Look at our beautiful girl.

Our photographer did an amazing job capturing true moments. Our family photos are some of my favorites!

In true crafter fashion, my Mom crocheted me a shawl for the day. On top of all the other little DIY projects she helped me with, she found time to make this. I love you Mom!

Now… it wouldn’t be a party for Jordan without bikes involved. So we got some custom cow bells made (which you always see at bike races) for our guests to ring the whole night long.

We did our big entrance on vintage kids bikes, riding up the lane of the bed & breakfast, getting some of our favorite wedding photos of us.

Then we had a time trial race with our guests that signed up during cocktail hour. Everyone was cheering and ringing those cow bells as hard as they could! You could just feel the energy. It was by far, one of the most fun moments of the entire day.

After the race (Jordan won), our guests were sent into the barn for Mission BBQ dinner while we got a few more photos with the sunset.

It quickly needs to be said… our hashtag for our wedding was #lovebergs4ever. Which is where this Loveberg’s story began!

Instead of a cake, we had authentic, Lancaster whoopie pies from Shady Maple. If you are from the area, you know what I’m talkin’ bout! Not only were they freaking amazing, but they were only $120 for two whoopie pies per guest. Saving us a ton of money. My Mom, again going above and beyond, made little edible acorns using little cookies and Hershey Kisses to scatter around the dessert table. The plates, we DIY’d by gluing candle sticks and cups under plates for various heights and styles.

Whoopie pies weren’t the only dessert we had. We ended up surprising our guests with a local ice cream truck for more sugary treats.

And what would a mini bike race be without a trophy?

The night was filled with so many moments we will never forget. Some planned. Some not. Friends surprised us with moments and memories almost every minute. There were animals everywhere between the horses, barn cats, pigeon roosting in the rafters and K-9 guests. The weather held out despite being chilly, but we warmed up with hot cocoa, dancing and a bon fire after the reception. We couldn’t have had a wedding that was a truer representation of the both of us. We wouldn’t change a thing, except to have someone take video of my father in-law’s speech. I almost peed myself laughing… Jordan got his humor from somewhere.

ps: these are some of the unplanned moments… friends drinking, raiding the bed & breakfast reenactment wardrobe, and pretending to be ghosts of Gettysburg telling stories of the war. YOU CAN’T PLAN THIS STUFF! But let it happen. It’s what memories are made of 😉


BARTENDER:Just Bartending

WHOOPIE PIES:Shady Maple Bakery
ICE CREAM TRUCK:Antietam Dairy
SHOES:Lace Toms
EARRINGS: gift from Mom (similar)
FLOWER CROWN: handmade by Mom
SHAW: handmade by Mom

Their choice, but here are some similar ones

VEST: Banana Republic (they don’t sell this anymore so here is a similar one)
VINTAGE BIKES: found one on Craigslist, the other was a gift from our landlords at the time who own Gatchellville Antique Store
  • Bunting: handmade by Mom
  • Sheer Curtains just inside the barn doors: already at the venue
  • Coke Bottles: thrifted from various places
  • Lanterns: thrifted from various places
  • Frames: Michaels
  • Wood Slices: Michaels
  • Table Numbers: Michaels
  • Cake Stands: thrifted candle sticks, plates and cups and glued together
  • Ribbons: Flower and Home Marketplace
  • Burlap Runners: Hobby Lobby
  • Cow Bells: I can’t remember the company, sorry. Just found the one that had the bell style we liked and had the best deal for the amount we needed.

Last modified: September 7, 2017