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Finally! I’ve been dreaming of adding this picture ledge to our bedroom for over a year now. We had a random open weekend we didn’t have any plans, and I just decided that was the day. $25 later, and the next day it was hung on the wall while I played around with styling. It has totally changed the room and was such a quick upgrade, I’m mad I didn’t do it sooner.

There used to be a picture ledge over our bed in our old house, too. I loved it. It was just a picture ledge we had purchased from IKEA for a few bucks and was shorter than the width of the bed. One of the things I didn’t like about it, was the depth. It was a bit short, so I couldn’t layer frames at all.

So I knew I wanted this one to be a bit deeper so I could play around more and create some really good visual variation. This one is six inches wide. Being able to swap out art as I please, is also a major selling point for someone like me who has “nail hole-phobia.” Leaning new artwork all around the house is my jam! Will it eventually get hung? Sure! In about two years…

I also decided I wanted it to go the full length of the wall the bed sits on. The one end would terminate into the wall of the closet, and the other into the exterior wall. It makes that whole side of the room the obvious focal point.

This span of wall is twelve feet. Instead of getting one twelve foot long piece, which is totally a thing you can do, we purchased two eight foot pieces that I cut down to fit. Why? Because Jordan wouldn’t let me strap a couple pieces of wood to the roof of the car… But I think I hid it pretty well! I planned it so the seam would be right where a frame would definitely sit and hid the largest section. The lip in front isn’t so noticeable that it’s the only thing I see (which I was worried about). There is color variation, but I kind of like it to be honest.

Ok! So here’s what you need to do this project yourself:

  • Ledge piece – we used 1×6 board
  • Back piece – we used another 1×6 board
  • Front lip – we found a very thin piece of wood in the moulding aisle
  • Wood screws
  • Anchors and screws for securing to the wall
    The type of anchor and screw depends on your wall material. We found decorator screws that were dark so they wouldn’t stand out as much against the wood once it was stained.
  • Brad tacks – we used brass tacks that blend in with the stain
  • Stain – we used Minwax Special Walnut which we already had

Now to put it all together:

  1. Cut down all the pieces to the length you need so everything sits flush.
  2. Measure and pre-drill holes through the back board and slightly into the edge of the ledge piece. Then screw the wood screws through the drilled holes to secure the back and ledge together.
  3. Attach the front lip leaving enough sticking up so frames can’t just slide off. Tap the brad tacks through the thin piece of wood into the edge of the ledge piece.
  4. Sand and stain
  5. Get a helper to measure and level the ledge. Jordan held the ledge up while I pre-drilled holes through the wood into the wall. With the ledge away from the wall now, we pushed the anchors into the pre-drilled holes in the wall. Then hold the ledge back up and secure it with screws into the anchors.
  6. Get busy decorating!

I’ve already changed up the art on the ledge several times. I can also be found sneaking things from other rooms to see how they look in here. This will be forever changing I’m sure. I’m totally in love and feel a little flurry of pride every time I see it! Now that this side of the room is finally looking how I want it, I’ve neglected the other side. I find myself looking through Pinterest for some dresser styling inspiration these days. I’m not sold on anything yet though. Funny how the smallest change ripples through the whole space. Now excuse me while I go buy more artwork 😀


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Wall color: Valspar Eggshell in “Ocean Storm”
Bed frame: Wayfair (similar)
Sheets: Target
Quilt: Target
Blanket: Target
Throw Pillow: Etsy
Side Tables: IKEA
Lamps: Target (not sold anymore)
Rug: Wayfair (similar)
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– Paint fight photo of Jordan by Jackalope Photography
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Last modified: March 26, 2018