New Living Room Ceiling Fans

Written by Decor

Ahhhhhhhh… the living room is feeling sooooooo much better to me now. I talked about how we snagged our new ceiling fans for a great deal here. Well, now they are up! We went from this situation:

To dreaming of this with the help of Photoshop:

To our new reality right here:

I still have to touch up the paint around the fixture. Whoever painted last put all the fixtures up and THEN painted the ceiling without moving anything… I’m totally gonna do the same thing though…shhhhhh! I’m so in love with these and how they changed the whole room. It feels cleaner, there is nothing distracting overhead anymore, and no more dangling cords making the room feel shorter! Once I get the ceiling painted, they are gonna feel seamless.

We did end up needing help to hang these bad boys though. If it had just been one fan in the room, it probably wouldn’t have been a big deal. But since we have two in the room, it made things a little more confusing with the wiring than normal. Our old set up was on a three-gang switch box. One switch controlled both the lights, which were either all the way on or all the way off. This switch was completely separate from the motors so even if the fan motors were off, we could still turn on the lights. The other two switches each controlled a fan motor. Again, they were either on or off – there was no in-between. The fan speeds were controlled by the pull cords on each fan when the motors were switched on.

Well… when we opened up the boxes, we found our shiny new fans did not come with remotes like the listing said. Instead, they came with these custom switches. Each switch has two sliders on it. One for the light dimmer and one for the fan speed. Since these do not have pull cords (one of my biggest selling points) the sliding switch is kind of important to be able to control the fans. Since each fan motor was already on it’s own switch, that wouldn’t be the hard part. What was confusing to us was getting the lights wired correctly. After a very short investigation, we decided to give up and just call an expert. We are not pros with electrical, so even if we figured something out… it could have still been mildly incorrect. Better just to ask for help to do it right the first time in our book. As much as I wanted to get these suckers up right away, it was worth the wait.

A friend of ours was able to come out the next weekend to help us out. Here he is working on the wiring after him and Jordan removed the old fans. An hour or so latter, we had new fans! And the switches were in and functional – except that one of the far left… he just lives there now and does nothing. It’s easier to have a dummy switch there for now that doesn’t do anything than it is to put in a whole new two-gang switch box, rewire everything, and patch the drywall.

These fans are also LED, unlike our old ones. The amount of light they give off is such a game changer! After the kitchen renovation was finished with all our new can lights, we were left a bit bummed with the extreme difference in lighting between that and the living room. We LOVED all the light in the kitchen, and the living room just felt sad in comparison afterwards. Well… sad living room no more! It has ample lighting that rivals the kitchen now.

So pretty from every angle! Can I say one more time how much we love these fans? I had basically written these off as too expensive for my taste, but it must have been fate to find that sale price. Thank you ceiling fan gods! Now excuse me while I go stare at my ceiling fans 😀

Last modified: June 21, 2018