My Perfect Summer Guide for the Outdoor Adventurer

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Who else is ready for a long weekend?! I know we are! I’m sooooo ready for summer and all the things that come with it. I don’t know if you know this about me yet, but I actually really like being the outdoorsy type… I’m not necessarily a homebody in summer – especially if it consists of me being near, in or on water. Since we moved into this house in July 2016, we haven’t enjoyed summer the way we used to. I suppose that’s just what happens when you’re moving in, and then saving for big budget renovations and what not. But this year we plan to fix that.

This year, we have vowed to each other to go on more mini trips throughout summer – most of them are already on the calendar so we can plan around them. A weekend in New York, a couple days in Florida, half a week in LA…

We have also decided together that house stuff will take a back seat this summer. We finished our kitchen, which was our big project we’ve been planning since we bought the house. As we build up our savings again to a spot where we are happy, we don’t have any major plans on deck for now. So this summer, on Friday evenings we are going to pack up for an adventure every Saturday morning (weather permitting). On Saturday mornings we will be able to grab our gear to pack into the car, pack a lunch and cold drinks in the cooler and head out to either go hiking, mountain biking or kayaking every chance we get! I’m so excited about it because it’s kind of similar to when Jordan was racing mountain bikes and we would head out to a race every weekend bright and early in the morning. That’s how we fell in love!!!

So for the unofficial start to summer this long weekend, I want to simply share the things that help me enjoy my perfect adventurous summer!


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1) Don’t waste money renting inner tubes when you can own them for the cost of one rental! Don’t forget to grab a pump. We got a little car pump that blows them up super fast wherever we are. If you want to really relax… snag yourself a floating cooler to tow along with you!

2) I’m so happy elastic shorts are in style this year. I hate regular shorts and live in elastic shorts all summer. The trend finally caught up with me!

3) My Tevas! I love them. They are so comfortable and don’t budge at all while I’m walking through water tubing or kayaking, and keep my feet safe.

4) Sunnies! Everyone has to have one good pair every year. I’ve had mine two years now and just can’t quit them. They are Madewell’s Halliday sunglasses in Raisin Tort.

5) Everyone should have a first aid kit when they travel around. Anything could happen at any time, and you should be prepared. We even have extra gauze on hand in case something happens with Finn. I’ve heard horror stories of kayaking with pups that wander off on shore and come back with cut up paws from shells or fishing hooks. You don’t want to be panicked rushing around in the boonies with bad cell service looking for the nearest CVS or veterinarian. Also… it’s good for humans too 😉

6) I absolutely love this shirt (and many more) from Parks Project, an organization that contributes a portion of all sales to fund backlogged projects at our National Parks. I mean… need I say more?

7) This CamelBak bottle is by far my favorite active water bottle. The straw allows me to keep my head up and keep moving, instead of stopping to make sure I don’t accidentally dump water all over myself. YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! Don’t even pretend!

8) Admittedly, I need to get another one of these. A power bank is super helpful for people like me that take a ton of photos on your phone. Having a power bank with you ensures you can keep taking photos all day, or that you simply don’t loose contact in case of an emergency.

9) We haven’t had Finn over a summer yet, but we will be getting him used to going out with us on our adventures like we used to do with Tealy. Heading outdoors with your pup in summer heat, means you need to be prepared. They can overheat well before we do, so having plenty of water on hand for them (as well as yourself) is very important. We have a set of collapsable bowls like these that are a staple in our “go-box.” We like having the clip on them to hang outside our packs to dry as we hike.

10) I found this different kind of toiletry bag and it has changed the game for me! The inside has an elastic band sewn around the perimeter that keeps bottles upright and in their place. When I’m at my temporary location, I just fold open the top and can keep everything in the bag sitting on the sink or wherever without scrounging around for anything. It keeps everything so much more organized!!! And it’s not just for summer!

11) A cooler! I wish we had this adorable thing, but ours works just fine. We like to at least pack cold drinks for ourselves to leave in the car. This way we have something refreshing as we finish up whatever we are doing out in the heat. I also pack all our extra water in here as well. Invest in some good ice packs so you’re not constantly dumping out spent ice.

12) I finally gave in on using hiking poles… and I admit they change everything! My knees feel so much better after a long hike when I use them.

13) This is my first one piece bathing suit since I was ten. I’ve always avoided them because I’m… ahem… flat chested. But this suit has some slight gathering in the right area, thinly padded, and has a sweet little bow that drapes next to a deep cut out that ends just above the belly button. Classy… yet a little edgy. I also enjoy not having a bow or knot right in the middle of my spine! I never knew I would be so comfortable and in love with a one piece 😀

14) Another piece from Parks Project! I don’t own this puppy yet, but I want to. Ball caps are perfect for kayaking and tubing to help protect your scalp from the sun. And black and white goes with everything.

15) I don’t have sun block on this list (I feel that’s a given…), but don’t neglect your lips!

16) Don’t stop at just sun block. Your skin needs after sun care too. After I clean up from being outside all day, I lather myself up in this aloe lotion. For my skin, anything that slightly burned that day is tan the next! It also just helps keep my skin hydrated through this season when I’m being so rough on it.

17) I got this duffle bag from Walker Goods when they were running their Kickstarter campaign. I was on the hunt for a simple duffle bag to replace my 12 year old one that was falling apart. It has lived up to everything I wanted! And the color is so cute 😉

18) This isn’t in my image above (because it doesn’t look cute) but should not be forgotten! It’s a dog cover for your car. I like to get the “hammock” kind that you can attach to all four head rests. It creates more of a barrier between back and front seats, keeps my car a little cleaner, and keeps the pup safer so he doesn’t fall on the floor between seats if we have to break hard. Be sure to get one that is water proof to handle fun days in the water, or muddy paws.

The other thing that makes my summer great… grilling and s’mores over a fire. But those don’t fit my outdoorsy adventure theme here. Even so, you can rest assured we are doing plenty of it this weekend. Have fun and be safe this weekend ringing in summer!

Last modified: May 25, 2018