Mother’s Day 2018 Gift Guide

Written by Holiday

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Cough – May 13 – cough, cough! Only two weeks away! If you are still searching for some gifts you can get quickly, I’ve got you covered here with this round up. These are all things I would totally get my Mom – a dog obsessed, gardener/crafter who plays too many games on her iPad, loves a good scarf and prefers a good holistic skin care regime to make up.

My Mom is hard to shop for since my parents are full time RVers. They don’t really have space to put stuff. This makes it harder, but not impossible. Typically, I do experience gifts – such as going to our favorite flower nurseries on Mother’s Day and eating at the food trucks set up for the holiday. Or taking her to an amazing restaurant in a greenhouse for her birthday: the bread is served in little terra cotta pots… and it’s the best damn bread I’ve ever eaten! But sometimes, I like giving something that needs to be unwrapped. When I do give her an item, it has to have purpose to survive her RV lifestyle. Below are eleven gifts I know would make my Mom’s cut, and would work for so many others out there too.

  • I’m in love with this cheeky basset hound pouch! What Mom doesn’t need multiple pouches to hold various things? My Mom grew up with her family breeding basset hounds in the 70’s, so this would be a fun little throw back for her.
  • I gave my Mom an essential oil diffuser for Christmas a few years ago, and she quickly became obsessed. Time for an upgrade maybe?
  • In this digital age, I think it’s even more important to put forth effort and print photos. Chatbooks are always a great gift and make it easy to create a book.
  • My Mom is slowly transitioning away from the huge “Mom” tote, to much smaller purses. This purse from Target’s new Universal Threads line is casual and oh so cute!
  • This smart iPad case with a keyboard would be absolutely perfect for my Mom! Even though she’s typically using it to pin her latest craft ideas, the keyboard would be an awesome addition making it easier for her to use it like a laptop when she needs to.
  • A Michael’s gift card… need I say more?
  • I have actually been trying new things in my skin care regimen and recently discovered rosewater spray. I quickly fell in love and simply want to share the wealth.
  • Living in an RV, my Mom has a simple wardrobe. A fun or funky scarf is an easy way to dress up a plain t-shirt or add some color. Madewell has some great summer scarves, and this one with flowers and fringe just screams my Mom’s name.
  • Although it may sound cliche, my Mom actually LOVES to get plants as gifts. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. When I take her to the nursery I usually get her a nice big hanging basket to hang outside each year. This can easily be the most expensive item I have on this list! A good basket typically costs between $45-$80, at least the ones I’m getting. They are HUGE!
  • This welcome mat to put outside their RV… again, need I say more?
  • For the truly dog obsessed – the perfect tote bag! This could be used for anything or bring joy to grocery runs.

Happy early Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there, second Moms and single Dads included.

Last modified: May 2, 2018