Memorial Day Sale Scores and a Quick Hallway Refresh

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If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you have missed out on my major Memorial weekend shopping spree. I found our ceiling fans that I discussed in my ceiling fan round up on a deep enough sale that I pounced! From that savings high, I kept looking around at online sales and snagged a couple more lights that have been on my mental list. We still had some boob lights to get rid of… Even with all the things I ordered, I spent just over $500 on two ceiling fans, a pendant light, flush mount light and task lamp – $300 less than I would have spent on JUST the two fans at their original price!!! Yeah… I was on a super sale shopping high. I even bragged to my coworkers, but they didn’t understand.

Needless to say, this has given us some projects to tackle indoors since the rain just never seems to let up lately. I heard that it’s been seven consecutive weekends of rain… meaning we haven’t been able to work on any of the outdoor stuff we’ve been wanting to. So that’s why you haven’t been seeing much out of us lately. But when it rains it pours! Figuratively… the real pouring rain can stop.

So, our new task lamp went next to the sofa, replacing the more traditional one we had before. The on/off button is touch activated now which is a nice feature, and the overall design just feels a little more in line with the direction I want for this room. Cozy textures, warm natural elements and sleek modern touches.

The guest bedroom is looking a little swankier these days with this new pendant light. The boob light had to go, and at $29.99 I couldn’t say no to this gorgeous light. I just have to touch up the ceiling since the old owner painted around the old, wider light fixture. Then night time photos to come of the pattern it throws on the ceiling!

The ceiling fans were a little trickier than we originally thought, so we just got those up over this past weekend with the help of a pro. I have a little touch up painting to do here as well, and then will be ready to show you next week.

The hallway light was another spot that still had a boob light I was itching to get rid of. I was being very indecisive about this spot and what type of light I wanted. In the end I chose to go with a super simple flush mount because I don’t want it to feel more confined than it already does back there. The height works well on our short ceilings, and the dark accent color ties in the door hardware around it and helps draw the eye away from the “not so pretty”  attic access in front of it. Even though it’s so simple, it’s still a serious upgrade from the boob light that was there in my opinion.

And as usual, this got my design mojo working a little again. I finally came to a decision on artwork I wanted to hang on the wall as you look down the hallway. Our poor hallway has been blank for awhile now since I finished painting in February. Artwork is something I always get really indecisive about, but wanted to get better with as part of my new years resolutions. But inspiration hits in the most unlikely places! I saw a random Instagram ad for Framebridge pop up with a frame grid from floor to ceiling and fell in love! Instead of a grid, I wanted to do one single line of frames. I also didn’t want to go all the way to the floor, because Finn. Who knows what would happen if he gets too excited one day sliding down the hallway…

I got these four 5×7″ frames at Target for around $60. I’m always drawn to large mattes because it allows the frame to have more presence on the wall, but has a lot of resting space for the eye. Next, I spent far more hours than I care to admit hunting for just the right photos to put together. I didn’t want one photo to be super saturated or way darker than the others, and I also wanted them to be somewhat meaningful to us. I landed on some cactus I photographed on our honeymoon in Arizona, a photo from our engagement shoot in Ellicott City, a quick photo I snapped while floating down the creek one perfect summer day, and Finn has FINALLY made his debut on the walls!

Once I had the photos figured out, I printed them out on my sweet photo printer (it’s a boss), and got to hanging the frames. To see how I did that, you can head to my Instagram story highlight called “Gallery Wall” and watch my process.

It’s just amazing to think at one point the hallway looked like this:

Then this after we did the door upgrades and painted:

And now… BAM!!!

It really doesn’t have to take a lot to make a space feel nice and crisp. Some paint while listening to podcasts, an $80 light fixture that took 10 minutes to switch out, $60 worth of frames, a few carefully chosen photos, and voila!

I just love looking at this view now.

From every single angle 😀


PS: I was super flattered to be asked by Ryan, of Stride Lighting, to use our kitchen as inspiration for his article on kitchen renovation tips. It’s up on his site now to read and has great information in it for anyone looking to do a kitchen renovation. My thoughts: 1. He is so nice and thoughtful! 2. He said all nice things so that’s a bonus for me. 3. I had no idea how smart I was! 4. You need to check out his articles while you are there. So much good information crammed in there, and a lot about lighting that I never knew. His site is a great resource!

Last modified: June 13, 2018