McCollum Master Bedroom Mood Board

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As much as I love online shopping and inspiration hunting for my own home, I have to say, I think I enjoy it more for others! Give me a budget and let me spend someone else’s money and make a beautiful room plan… yeah… that’s my jam. My wonderful friends made my day more than they realized when they asked for my help to come up with a direction for their master bedroom.

I think they ended up with more than they bargained for! I made a whole mood board laying out the room for them so they could visualize it, a shopping list with budget breakdown, and a three page write up explaining my choices for them and tips for shopping themselves. I was VERY into this!

So a little backstory on Jennie and Pat McCollum: They bought the most adorable two story home built around the 1930’s right as they were bringing their first baby into the world. They hustled removing all the old wallpaper and painted everything before they moved in. The nursery was obviously a priority, and over the past year they’ve really gotten the rest of the house feeling really put together for their family.

However, in true parent form, they put themselves last. Their room looked pretty much like they had just moved in – with a nice bed frame and dressers, but all quickly thrown in the room and nothing on the walls or floor. It was a very beige space feeling a bit neglected and didn’t represent them at all. So we had to change that!

There are a few things to consider for this space:

  1. Gotta keep the budget low for this single income family
  2. Floors and walls are staying the way they currently are
  3. We aren’t renovating the room here, so no moving walls or anything
  4. Pat is handy 😀

With that in mind, I set out to create a neutral, modern, feminine farm house style that reflects the two of them. I chose to put the bed opposite the bedroom door so it’s the instant focal point as you walk into the room. Their existing bed frame, white bedding and upholstered storage ottoman are great pieces, so we keep those and build around them. A lot can be done with bedding alone. I chose some dark charcoal euro pillows to create some contrast between all the beige and white, but polka dots to add some casual pattern. Then one long lumbar pillow with some hints of pink adds that finishing touch and mimics the warm pinks I placed elsewhere in the room. (psst… pink is a neutral!) I also suggested finding a cozy throw blanket. Something with gray stripes and a cozy texture that’s different from the smooth duvet cover. Layering textures does wonders for elevating a space!

Next, I flanked the bed with new wood nightstands. I suggested something like these, but they do not have to be these nightstands exactly since these are about $500 a piece. But with Pat’s skills, he would be able to whip up something similar for them. I liked these wider nightstands to fill up the wall the bed is against and make everything feel juuuuuust right! The wood tone brings in a natural element I know Pat is all about, and brings in some warmth to this gray room. The skinny shelf will be perfect for them to place their book or laptop without much effort when it’s time to sleep. They could even put a small decorative box or bowl there to help corral things while also looking really nice. The drawer gives them some good ole’ closed storage everyone needs, and one more shelf below for a nice decor moment or some books. Or again, a basket of some kind for more storage that looks like decor.

On top of these nightstands, I’m breaking up all the symmetry with mismatched lamps. Even though the shape and style are completely different, what makes them look like they still go together is the matching color palette.

Then we got back to our symmetry – I added three wood frames above the bed to finish off that wall. I think these would look amazing with black and white family photos in them! And finally, this rug! I think a rug changes everything. We have very similar hardwood floors in our home, and I’ve found pink to be my favorite color for rugs now. It actually recedes into the background more than you would think, while adding the much needed warmth this room needs. I chose something with a more traditional style to mimic some of the Jennie’s more feminine tastes.

This next section is actually parallel to the bed itself. There is a corner not shown in my mood board (it was quicker to lay out that way). So just imagine a little past the edge of the nightstands corners in the room, and wrap the other sides of the mood board around the bed. This white dresser is something Pat and Jennie already have. It’s a great piece that is working for them, so no need to change it. Other than that though, this wall doesn’t really have anything else going on. I decided to give it some purpose, as a “getting ready” area for them. Along the wall next to the bed I added some simple black hooks to the wall for some hats, maybe Jennie’s purse, or some clothes that aren’t quite ready for the laundry yet. Under that, a natural basket with a lid for pillows off the bed, or as a hamper.

Next to the dresser, I added a long vertical mirror. Since this room does not have an overhead light, I added another lamp on the dresser so there is some light in front of them when looking in the mirror, and they aren’t just back-lit by the window on the opposite wall or lamps around the bed. I chose a wood base for this lamp to bring another element of wood into the room, mimicking the nightstands and wood frames. I always repeat elements at least a couple times in a space to make them look intentional.

Currently, Jennie has her jewelry stand on the dresser along with some random bottles of personal care items. To help them look more like a collection rather than clutter, I like to put them all on a pretty tray. To finish off this wall, I chose one large piece of art for some size variation from the three small pieces on the other wall. This is a downloadable file from Jenny’s Print Shop for $15. They just need to get it printed anywhere, like Staples for example, and pop it in any frame they like… voila! Large format art for less than $50! I chose this print for them to, again, pick up the pink hues used elsewhere in the room and add some warmth.

Along the other wall, there is the one window with really nice white wood blinds. I added some simple white curtains on a black rod to soften it. The curtain rod should be hung as high as it can to make the room feel taller, and the curtains should sit out wider than the window to make it feel grander as well.

I’m seriously in love with this room and can’t wait to see them slowly build up to something close to this. I even wrote out some shopping tips for them and what I thought could be DIY’d by them. It’s never something you have to go into debt to do. Just a little bit each month can get you to your dream bedroom in no time at all. A little creativity and salvaging can go a long way to designing a room on a budget and still looking high end.

My hope is that this helps them be more intentional in their shopping. Knowing what they are looking for should help and save money in the long run, instead of buying this and that trying to figure out what works. Moving forward, Jennie is gonna keep getting texts from me while I’m Home Goods cause I find things I want to buy for them! It’s a problem guys… I can’t turn it off haha!

I need more rooms to do so I stop shopping for myself! Help me save my own money – if you would at all be interested in having me help you with a sore spot in your home, send me an email at and we can talk about it. Make my day!

Last modified: August 26, 2018