Lovebergs 90210

Written by Life

We take a break from our regularly scheduled programing and pink bathroom renovation for a quick trip to Los Angeles! It was so refreshing to get away for a little bit and experience so many new things. I hadn’t been to that area of California before and I couldn’t even tell you all the stuff we did, since we packed in so much in four days. But first things first – food!

The first two days we had breakfast at the same place because, we love breakfast tacos! Homestate on Hollywood Blvd was my favorite and reason enough to go back by itself! I tried several of their tacos and every one of them was amazing. Almost every where out here has so many vegetarian or vegan options, and this was no exception… and I would argue actually taste better!

It was so easy to get all the seafood too. I basically ate pescatarian the majority of the time in California without trying. Sushi, poke, some amazing fried calamari… Oh! and Jordan ate some sweet fish tacos. He just taco’d everywhere because you can’t really go wrong with tacos.

My one meal that included meat was so totally worth it: corn bread muffin benny with chorizo gravy. It looked like a lot of food when the plate came out, but I ate the whole damn thing! We did breakfast hard the whole time and ate light through the days.

On day one, after our first taco breakfast on Hollywood Blvd, we headed down the street to see the Chinese Theater and walk of fame. Then we drove through the winding Hollywood hills and saw the Hollywood sign. I mean… how much more LA can it get?!

Day two started off with a hike up to the Griffith Park Observatory, then breakfast tacos… naturally! Next, we headed to Ojai for the day and walked around the shops in that most adorable town! They have some of the cutest shops and I wanted to buy all the ceramics and crystals. Before we headed home, we stopped off in Santa Barbara for a walk on the beach and dinner. While we were there, we got to see two sea lions bobbing about 50 yards from where we stood on the beach! The pelicans were also awesome to see. And there was a super amazing restaurant I had to poke my head into called Goat Tree – apparently it was designed by the guy that also works for the Kardashians… fancy.

Day three started out so promising. We got breakfast at a sweet little spot right around the corner from our cousin’s house, then headed to Palos Verdes to visit an old friend of mine and see the sights around that part of town. She took us to one stop at the cliffs so we could get some photos, then we walked down to the tide pools and played with the hermit crabs, saw some other type of crabs hanging out and anemones. At our next stop, which was supposed to be the light house, I got a text notification for a large transaction at a local grocery store on my credit card… and it all went downhill from there.

We found out our trunk had been riffled through while we were at the first stop getting sweet photos. Fortunately, they only took a select few credit cards which didn’t actually leave us with any loss, and my friend’s photo equipment is all insured for the full value. So it honestly ended up just being a pain in the ass rather than anything else. We spent the next few hours on the phone freezing accounts and at the police station filing a report. Then… DRINKS! We didn’t let it dampen our spirits since I really still got to spend the day with my friend catching up haha! But now I have to go back and see all the awesome things she had planned for us, because this stuff was just supposed to be the appetizer!

On day four we slept in so late! We grabbed brunch around 11am, and then headed to Malibu touring the different beaches and adding to my rock collection. I got to see where the original Gidget movie was filmed and I’m all about that Pacific Coast Highway! We tried to go to Santa Monica also, but it was crowded and we aborted that mission so we would have time to get cleaned up and head to our evening entertainment.

We had snagged ourselves front row seats for the Chvrches show at the Greek Theater in Griffith Park! They were pretty inexpensive… probably something to do with Beyonce playing the Rose Bowl that same evening or something like that… But we got some pretty sweet nachos there, won some money off our next movie tickets at a Fandango booth, annnnnnnnd saw Jesse Tyler Ferguson who ended up sitting right behind us!!!!! All of that on top of a great show at a great venue! Seriously, I don’t think there is a bad seat in the house and I’ve never been to a concert with a band with that much funny stage banter. I thought for a moment we were at a comedy show. Two for one!

After all that, we see why people love being in California so much and will definitely head back. But next time… I’m going to open houses because, I mean, I NEED TO! They were all so amazing! Or amazingly expensive! I need to walk through them and spy.

Any suggestions for next time on things we missed? I’m sure there is a TON!

Last modified: September 27, 2018