Living Room Refresh

Written by Decor

Happy New Year everyone! I’m late getting that out since I’ve started 2017 off with a nasty upper respiratory infection. I was only able to move from the bed to the sofa, then back to bed for three days. Jordan, the perfect husband he is, kept me fueled with plenty of water and various delicious things like dim sum, fried chicken, and a spicy thai soup. Once I finally realized this was more than a cold, got to the doctors and picked up some prescriptions… it’s a whole new me again!

It’s like I’ve been making up for those three days. I have never been so productive at home. I put away all the Christmas decorations, cleaned the whole house, started reorganizing the whole basement, did several loads of laundry AND folded and put it all away… and completely changed the layout of our living room. That was just one day. Can I please bottle this motivation and take it when I need it?!?!

Any who, I wanted to share the fruits of my labor in the living room here. It happened on a whim after 9pm. I had already done so much that day, but wasn’t tired and had no interest is watching anything on TV since I just watched so much while I was sick. Jordan was in the office playing his games with some buddies. An hour later he pops his head out after seeing me walk down the hallway with the old desk and was blown away with a whole new living room. I can’t really tell you why I did it. I just wanted to try something new and then kept pushing stuff around more and more.

I pushed the sofa against the window and moved the chairs towards the entry way so the seating feels more together. I did this since every time we had people over, they would pull the chairs out from the corners to feel closer together. I pushed the sofa further to one side of the window for optimal TV viewing and balanced out the other side with an end table and plant.

The desk that was behind the sofa before now lives in the guest bedroom (until I figure out another home for it). That desk was really just a ‘catch all’ and typically covered with paper and shopping bags. Having the chairs there instead makes the room look so much more open and inviting to walk right into, and our papers and shopping bags are making it to where they should now.

As of writing this, my big beautiful mirror next to the front door is now dead thanks to the Roomba. So we are now making plans to refresh the entry area with a new mirror, bench and some IKEA shoe storage solutions. RIP mirror. You will be missed.

I even went to town digging out frames and artwork I had stashed in the basement. I wasn’t really putting much artwork up in the living room because I was still in the train of thought that it’s all going to change when we do the kitchen. But I finally got over my own imaginary blockade and put stuff on the walls. It’s only temporary, but makes it feel homier in the moment. I even printed out this photo of Tealy running around the dunes from our fall trip to North Carolina. That’s right! I put another nail in the wall! Crazy woman here! Watch out!

The mantle also got the artwork treatment! This will be the future home of our TV. But in the meantime, I pulled out old artwork again and just layered the space with a few frames and decorative items. I love the way it looks on its own, but it feels cluttered to me in relation to the whole room. Good thing mantle decor is easy to update! This will change so many times, I’m sure of it.

So far, we are really enjoying this setup and how much more open it all feels. Obviously, we have things to do in here like paint the remaining window trim, get matching shades, paint the walls, paint the mantle white, add curtains to the bay window and get a much larger rug. There are ALWAYS little tweaks you can do! But for a quick overhaul using what we already had around the house, I think this was remarkably successful! And cheap!

Last modified: September 9, 2017