Little Miss Front Door

Written by DIY

Not gonna lie, the curb appeal doesn’t excite me with this house. I’m just overwhelmed with the white cast iron, outdated looking railings and support. And those scalloped headers… wow! Really makes me think of my Grandmother’s house. But it’s slowly growing on me, or I’m just getting used to it.

First thing I decided to tackle to give this house some personality and start to put our mark on it was to paint the door. The most welcoming part of a home in my opinion. I think we were moved in for about one week when I went to buy the paint. Yeah, I didn’t wait long. However, my color planning for the front door started before that. When we were waiting for everything to close on the sale of the house and prepping for moving, I would sit in the evenings and scour Pinterest, online stores and blogs for ideas for everything around the new house. I was OBSESSED. And having some talent with Photoshop, I was able to make some mock ups of door colors to help out our decision making process.

The light sage was definitely a contender for me, but it felt too safe. Grey was too ‘blah,’ teal was bright but felt almost too beach-y. So mustard yellow was my winner! It is bright, cheery, welcoming and warm. Everything I want people to feel walking up to our home.

One of the first trips to Lowes we made once we were in the new house, I stuffed all the yellow paint swatches into my purse to test out. We went through them in the entry way of the house, narrowing down our selection to about three different yellows, then taped the finalists to the door. On the first day we were pretty sure we knew which one we liked, but we sat on it for a few days so we could see them in different light through the day to be sure. Our gut was correct in the end, and we went with the color we both fell in love with from the beginning. Valspar’s “Beehive.”

Next time we hit up the local Lowes, we also got a quart or semi-gloss mixed up and got the party started. This project is a simple one, so it only takes a day to do. I chose to work on the door on a Friday I was working from home. I was able to take all the hardware off early in the morning and got the first coat done before I started working. Then let that dry for a bit and came back at lunch for a second coat. A little latter, I decided a few spots just needed a quick third coat, and then I let everything dry for the rest of the day. Once it was almost time for bed, I put all the hardware back on and locked up the door for the night.

How I painted it was pretty simple, and was helpful to follow the same formula for each coat so the strokes lined up. First, I painted all the insets around the panels. Second, I painted each raised panel. Third, I tackled all the trim around the window and flat sections between the panels. Fourth, I took care of the rest of the door. I found, brushing the panels, sides and middle section should be vertical strokes (up and down). Where as, the top, just under the window, horizontal section between the panels and bottom sections should be horizontal strokes (side to side). This kept everything very clean looking with no brush strokes standing out.

One day of work and Voila! A beautiful, cheerful front door. We are so in love coming home to this every day, and then being greeted by our dog, Tealy. What a way to make this place home! New neighbors have also been coming up and saying how much they like the yellow door while welcoming us to the neighborhood. It’s already having the desired effect.

We have added a few touches to the front porch to warm it up some more. I snagged this welcome mat before we moved in. A welcome mat always seems to be the first thing I buy for new homes. The concrete planters are from my childhood home that my parents gifted me, and I filled with low maintenance chicks and hens. Two tall, galvanized buckets I picked up at a flea market awhile ago are filled with cascading ice plants, also super low maintenance. The red candle holder was a house warming gift from a good friend.

Mid summer, Target put out their ‘back to school’ stuff including college dorm furniture. I saw these chairs and knew I had to have them. They mimic designer chairs, but for a WAY better price! Who cares they were labeled as “college lounge furniture?”

We are thinking and looking for possible coffee and end tables for out here now. For end tables, I’m thinking of raw wood tree trunks. I have ideas in my head to build a skinny black bench style coffee table that could also be used as a foot stool. The hunt continues to see if we can find anything that will work before jumping into a DIY. In my wildest dreams, I’m also seeing a black porch swing on the other side of the porch… one day.

“Mom… seriously. I’m tired of these photos already.”

We have been leaving the door open during the day and find that we love the yellow being inside as well. I sort of plan on having the living room be mostly neutrals and warm woods, so a good pop of color here and there is so nice. It will be fun to see how things evolve inside. Just because the door is yellow now, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Obviously, this is a quick project, so it wouldn’t be hard to change it up down the line if our hearts desire a different color.

Now, to continue thinking of what to do to modernize the rest of the front porch. We may tackle it next spring. Here are some thoughts I had with Photoshop magic! I removed all the railings, opening everything up. Added a chunkier, more substantial looking column and a buddy on the other side to balance everything out. Some modern house numbers are going down one of the new columns. I ditched the scolloped header, and just for fun, added a second light on the other side of the door. I also hid the cross bars in the bay window which I plan on removing soon. I think next spring and summer, we will overhaul the garden beds as well to balance out some things visually. Either way, I’m excited! On to the next project in the meantime.

Last modified: September 8, 2017