Let There Be Light (in the attic)

Written by Renovation

Our attic… again… STORAGE! A space we really weren’t planning on using that much since our basement is ‘to die for!’ However, my parents surprised us and are selling their house to become full time RVer’s. So we are letting them use this area to store things they can’t let go of.

So we are tackling a couple things up here in preparation. Our home inspection found that the attic fan wasn’t working, so we got an electrician to head out and take a look and fix it before this area is filled with boxes. While he was checking out that issue, we also decided our lighting sucked. As you climb up the ladder into darkness, you better hope the string connected to one lone lightbulb is within reach or you’re screwed. Or, maybe you could be smart and take a flashlight… I didn’t. I was screwed.

See how dark that far end is?! How could find anything up here?

Ryan, our electrician extraordinaire, suggested putting strip LED lights along the top peak of the roof and the full length of the space instead of one bulb at one end that you could easily back into and break. SOLD! So he went to the store to get supplies. Instead, he texted and asked if we would rather do standard light bulbs instead of the LED strip lights. This would effectively save us about $200. I also figured standard bulbs would be easier to replace as they burn out than strip lights. So we went with that. It doesn’t need to be gorgeous up there, we just wanted more light.

Then another day, Ryan came back over and tackled everything. First, he added a light switch above the hallway closet for the new lights. It’s in the perfect spot when you are going up the ladder to flip the lights on as you head up. The switch isn’t really noticeable either, unless you are really looking.

After a couple hours of work, Ryan did a great job and lit up the whole space! Look how well you can see the other end now! For a couple hundred bucks, we were able to get this whole space overhauled in a short period of time.

The boxes were added right into the top of the peak above the rafters, so there is a much lower chance of bumping into them and shattering glass everywhere.

Since we can finally see up there, we have a couple more things to do to prepare. We added screen material over the gables at the ends so no insects or birds can get in and make a home. We know from experience, we would rather prevent this from becoming an issue. The screen material was about $7 at Lowes and just needed staples, which we already had, to attach it to the rafters. This took Jordan less than an hour to complete. Now we just want to get the shop vac up there to clean the floor boards a bit (they are a bit dirtier than we thought now that we can see everything), and Voila! All ready for the ‘rents to store their memorabilia.
And one more time… look at the difference!

Last modified: September 7, 2017