Kitchen Reno: Week 3

Written by Renovation

Here we are again folks! This thing just keeps progressing pretty fast! But first, a quick reminder of where you last saw things:

Since then, the guys were here doing another full week of work and we are now here!


Ok… I’m calm. I’m calm…… can you imagine what I’m actually gonna be like when this thing is done? Nope, neither can I. Anywho, as you can probably see, we now have an island with electric, all the corbels installed, exhaust hood ready to go, drywall mudding done, and tile grouted. And. It. Looks. AMAZING!

It felt like this entire week they were working on mudding. Each day, they would start out sanding and re-mudding the walls and ceiling, then jump into their daily tasks while everything dried. This week had started out warm and turned chilly, changing the drying times of the mud. The guys ended up having to come back the following Monday to finish mudding because of it, and delaying my painting extravaganza. But the walls are gonna look so seamless because of their hard work and patience!

They also focused on the plumbing and gas line early in the week, and ran a few more electrical lines for the island. Then came the island itself! It seemed to go in so quickly after they spent a couple hours measuring and re-measuring.

The biggest hiccup this week came from the exhaust hood. The guys were in the middle of installing it in the ceiling when they pulled the chimney out of the box and noticed a giant dent. Right in the middle of the dang thing! Sigh… If that hadn’t been there, the hood would already be installed. But alas… now Jordan and I have been to two Lowes stores trying to exchange the thing and just order the part we need. But it’s turned into a slightly larger issue than that… Apparently this was a “special order,” which we had no idea it was. We thought we were just ordering something as it appeared on their website. Who knew?

So Lowes had to call the company the next day to see if they could just order the new part. Then they called me back to inform me, they can’t. So they ended up ordering a whole new exhaust hood. When it comes in, Jordan and I will just swap out the part we need and Lowes will “return” the whole new one with the old dented part. Makes sense right??? Sigh… But they worked with us and stayed in communication with us, making it as painless on our end as possible. So not too bad all things considered. We’ll just stare at those four black brackets hanging from the ceiling while we wait. *eye twitches…

There’s our new stove making a brief appearance for counter top templating!

Later in the week, the stone company sent their measuring guy out to us. He was taking incredibly precise measurements for our quartz counter tops going on the island and the pass through window ledge. We originally were gonna go with butcher block everywhere for cost savings. But since we purchased all our IKEA cabinets during their 15% off sale, we saved enough to bump ourselves up to some quartz! We’re high rollers now!

Speaking of counter tops… our butcher block counter tops got cut down to size as well! The sink and faucet have been cut in, but I’m gonna keep that a secret till the end 😉

Oh! And the last cabinet in that corner magically appeared. Jordan and I had decided to get a different size cabinet for one side of the island than what we originally ordered, and were waiting for that to come in. We originally had an 18″ and 15″ cabinet planned for the one side of the island. But for space reasons, chose to do one 24″ cabinet there instead. But we needed that island cabinet installed for our counter top templating appointment with the stone company. Luckily, that corner cabinet is also a 24″ cabinet. So we stole it to put in the island so it would be ready for measuring, and put the new cabinet in the corner when it came in.

Finally, the grouting happened on the floor and some last little touches and sanding. Now the guys are to a point where they can’t do much until the counter tops are in. We are planning on a two week waiting period. Then they will come back and finish up their punch list, leaving us with a totally complete and functioning kitchen! We will see how all the timing works out in reality. It all hinges on the quartz counter tops at this point.

In the meantime, Jordan and I are not off the hook. We have a long shopping list and homework. Now is our turn to do the things we negotiated in the contract as “our job” to help cut down on cost. We are handling all the painting, staining and sealing of the butcher block, and putting the rest of the cabinets together. Plenty of work for the next two weeks for us.

But HOLY COW! We are so close I can barely hold myself back from trying to style the whole new room in my head. Someone just keep me out of Target the next few weeks!

Last modified: November 1, 2017