Kitchen Demo and Finishes

Written by Renovation


The cabinets were delivered (219 packages total!!!), all our appliances are here, and we are buying up materials left and right to do the work. The house is filled to the brim with boxes – our recycling guys are gonna hate us. But I can’t stop dancing even while talking to the contractors! I am so extremely excited it’s ridiculous. The photo just below is after one day of demo. As of writing this, we now have the wall you’re looking at and the wall to the right, down to the studs. Please excuse my crappy iPhone photos. I’ve been too busy to get the camera out during sunny hours. Electricity is off in this entire area, so by the time I get home from work it’s already too dark to take photos. This photo was taken in the morning with bright sun, just before I left for work. Just proves how much we need to open that wall up for more natural light.

Even after one day, I can already see it all coming together in my mind. With the wall between the dining room and kitchen removed it is SO. MUCH. BIGGER!

We removed the chair rail in the dining room to find some of the original wall paper behind it. It’s textured guys! And when the crappy faux wood flooring was removed in the kitchen, it revealed the original laminate which is quite a treat as well. Remodels are so much fun when you discover the old style underneath it all. Like a trip back to the 60’s….. and WOW! What a time it must have been.

Which brings me to my next point. The finishes we chose! And the only pretty photo in this post. This kitchen isn’t gonna know what hit it! If you look at my Pinterest board of kitchens, it becomes pretty obvious what I like. Black, white, grays, a little pop of color here and there, and natural finishes like wood and stone. I’ve always loved high contrast designs, and a mixture of different color cabinets to create focal points. So that’s what I chose!

It’s gonna be a transitional design with clean lines and nods to traditional styling. So our kitchen will be able to easily go with many different aesthetics. Not only do I like this style myself, but it will also be classic enough for resale value. We plan on being here awhile, but it is not our forever home.

We are going with high contrast white and black cabinets, and also mixing metals. All the cabinet hardware is brass, with a couple other little touches of brass elsewhere like the light going above the kitchen sink window. While the faucet, sink and appliances are stainless steel. I’m also doing matte black finishes on the dining room chandelier which also appears on the shade of the sink window light as well. See what’s happening here? As long as each metal appears a couple times, it will make sense.

1. White Cabinet Fronts | 2. White subway tile & dark grout | 3. Wall Sconce | 4. Knobs | 5. Drawer Pulls | 6. Black Cabinet Fronts | 7. Chandelier | 8. Slate Tile Flooring | 9. Faucet | 10. Butcher Block Counters | 11. Quartz Counters

For counters, we have chosen to do quartz and butcher block. This is partly because of cost savings, but also because the kitchen would start to feel cold if there wasn’t a softer and warmer material in the mix. We are putting a quartz slab on the island and ledge of the pass through window, with butcher block on the other counters. We will see how the butcher block goes through the next few years.

For the flooring in the kitchen area, we are going to do a slate or slate like tile. We still have to actually go buy it. I’m thinking I want to find a dark charcoal gray with some color variation. This is because, again, I tend to like natural looking finishes like rock, and because I still want it to have some contrast to the black cabinets that will be sitting on it. If it’s too dark, it would just swallow up the cabinets and look too visually heavy.

And last but not least, the backsplash! I’m going with classic white subway tiles. I’ve been obsessed since I was a teenager starting to watch HGTV. The price doesn’t hurt either. It’s such a classic, it’s hard to not go with it. I’m gonna fancy it up with some dark grout so it acts a bit more like a texture adding “layers” to the design.

If you’ve clicked on a few of those source links above, you may have noticed a bunch of stuff we got is from IKEA. Well, FYI, they are having one of their semi-annual kitchen events. If you are looking to use IKEA for any of your kitchen needs, NOW is the time to go buy your stuff! If you have or join IKEA Family, which is totally free, you can get 15% off a purchase of $1,500 or more (and get a free coffee or tea whenever you go). We took advantage of this and saved almost $2,000 on everything! We were able to get all our cabinets, integrated cabinet lighting and counters (quartz included!) for just over $9,000!!! So go forth and save my friends!

I’m just gonna continue to be stoked, run around buying materials the contractors tell me they need, and living that cozy life in the basement. (How many IKEA pieces can you pick out?) Till next week, keep checking out my Instagram stories for day-to-day progress updates… eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Last modified: October 25, 2017