Introducing Tealy

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We’ve made it to another Friday! Woo! I figured Finn has been getting a lot of attention lately as the new kid on the block. Even though you’ve seen Tealy awhile now, it feels wrong not to let you get to know her as well. There are many more photos… get over it. It’s just a reflection of her years well spent compared to Finn so far 😉

 Name:  Tealy
aka. T
aka. Tbot
aka. Tbotsopotamus

 Adopted On:  May 16, 2010

 Age:  8 years

 Breed:  Boarder Collie / Cattle Dog – Blue Heeler Mix

 Favorite Toys:  Frisbee

 Favorite Treat:  Bully Stick

 Newest Trick:  Spinning in a circle to her right (can’t seem to get her to go to her left)

 Badest Habit:  Killing birds and squirrels (yes, she is fast enough)

 Loves:  Walks, catching frisbees, being under the bed and snow

 Her Story:  I’m not really sure what Tealy’s story was before she became a part of my life. While I was living in Colorado, I adopted her from The Dumb Friends League. I was told she was transferred to them from a high kill shelter in New Mexico with 80 or so other dogs, and lost all her paperwork in the process. She was so sweet from the very beginning, but covered in scabs all over her body under her waxy fur. As my boyfriend of the time and I left the shelter with her that day, we had to make a stop at Petco to buy EVERYTHING you would need for a dog since we had nothing. As soon as we got her to the apartment, she made herself right at home with her new toy squirrel we let her pick out.

After some time and proper care, her skin healed up and her fur became so silky and shinny. She get’s comments all the time about how soft her fur is for a short haired dog.

One thing about Tealy, is that she is extremely well traveled. She came from New Mexico. When I brought her home, I was living in the city of Denver. Then I moved back to the east coast into an RV in the country in Gettysburg, PA, then spent a few months in Florida over the winter. Next, she became a city dog again when I moved to Baltimore, MD, then back to a country dog when Jordan and I moved in together in Northern Baltimore County. Now… she’s a suburban dog and seems to love easy access to walks with the connivence of a big backyard. The best of both worlds! We literally live right between access to the city and hiking trails. She’s been moved around a lot following me through life, and she’s taken it all in stride. She could always walk into a new place and feel right at home as long as I was there with her.

Tealy has always been very energetic and quite the adventurer. She is a perfect trail dog, always staying within sight when she’s off lead. She’s sprinted up glaciers in the Colorado back country, and sand dunes in North Carolina. She’s been on so many hikes around the east coast, she is used to rock scrambles, sandy beaches, creek crossings, open fields and single track trails through woods. She even knows to be careful in the Fall with tons of leaves covering the ground. She moves out of the way of bikers and horses, and could care less that any other hiker wants to say hi. She just wants to keep going! There is almost nothing that will keep her from hiking. I’m hoping Finn can learn from her.

Tealy was even my favorite bridesmaid (sorry ladies). We wouldn’t settle on a venue unless they would let us have dogs! We were able to get similar photos from our engagement session and at our wedding, focusing on Tealy more than us. So she was featured on our save the date and thank you cards, which my parents still have hanging on the fridge… but no wedding photos of us haha! Do your parents ask you how the dog is doing first whenever you talk? Cause that’s how both our sets of parents are when it comes to Tealy.

Tealy is really the perfect dog. She doesn’t bark, she always listens, she has always learned fast, she stays close by even off leash, she’s good with other dogs, people and kids (although she will herd them to a corner if they make too much noise). Tealy just wants to be loved and to please people… and catch frisbees. I have seriously worried about friends stealing her at times. On one occasion, I found a couple of our friends putting her in their car to take her home with them for a day! (you know who you are hahaha). I’m pretty sure it was joke… maybe. Seriously, she’s that great.

There is still no sign of slowing down from her. She will continue to be my model in photos as she shadows me around the house, beg for belly rubs in bed with me before she retires under the bed for the night, and will continue to be a “big help” with home projects like in the photo below at the old schoolhouse 😀

Now you finally know more about the soul you see in so many photos. I never pose her. That’s just where she wants to be: near me. She will always be my first baby. I hope you enjoy seeing more of her for years to come.

Last modified: October 6, 2017