In Loving Memory of Tealy, My Missing Puzzle Piece

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Our beloved Tealy passed away peacefully Tuesday evening, February 20, 2018 at the age of 8, surrounded by her loved ones after succumbing to the effects of cancer. She is survived by her loving parents, Erin and Jordan, and her playful brother, Finn, who she had fun beating up on when he got too rambunctious.

Just four months ago, I wrote this post introducing you all to Tealy and how she came into our lives. Little did I know we would be saying goodbye so soon after. I’m angry this cancer took her so early in life. I’m angry we found out about it right at the start of winter, when the weather is just consistently crappy enough to keep us from all her favorite activities. But most of all, I’m angry I couldn’t do anything to help her. She deserved so much more life. But apparently her soul was meant for so much more.

She was honestly the best dog anyone could ever ask for. Lots of people say that, but when you have other people crying on the phone when you tell them your dog died… it’s a little different. We truly believe she was more than a dog. It felt dumb to speak to her in a baby voice, and seemed as though she fully understood every word in a conversation. Most of the time, words were not even needed to communicate with her. Many people that knew her would comment on how “human” her eyes were, because of her ability to affect their emotions with a simple glance. There was far more behind her eyes than most dogs.

Both of us had a bond with Tealy that I don’t think will ever be matched by any other dog. Don’t get me wrong, we love Finn. But there was something deeper with Tealy I could feel in my soul. And now, that puzzle piece is gone from our lives that will never be filled by another.

I’m comforted by the fact she was always happy and enjoyed many adventures with us. We always included her in everything we did from most of our weekend activities, shopping trips to Lowes, vacations planned just to bring her along, to our wedding. Unless it was raining, we were outside playing frisbee or taking a walk everyday. We bought this house with a lot of her in mind. When purchasing a bed frame for our room, I only looked at ones she could fit under because I knew how much she loved being there. Our lives revolved around her quite a bit.

I’m walking through the house now trying to wrap my head around the fact that all we have now are memories and photos. I will miss her waiting patiently for me to lay the blanket out just right for her to come snuggle, while I sit on my laptop almost every evening. Jordan will miss getting out of bed and, before doing anything else, kneeling down to say good morning to her smiling face and wagging tail under our bed. We will miss how if one person is still in bed, she trots back to bed with them until everyone in the house is awake. We will miss the consistent swishing of her tail on the floor behind us as we eat, always hopeful for a shared bite. We will miss her excited hopping at the mere mention of “Frisbee.”

Tealy, we miss you so much and I love you with all I have to give. Until we meet again sweet girl <3

Last modified: February 21, 2018