I’m Old-er

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… and yeah… I always fall off the radar around this time. I’m busy soaking in all the holiday things December has to offer and doing A LOT of shopping! I just can’t help myself.

My Mom, some family friends and I went up to New York one day to see the Rockettes holiday show. It was a whirlwind of a day, with the packed holiday crowds, tasty food and typical New York sights. It was so much fun winding my way up and down the side walks pointing out things to my Mom who had never been in the big apple before. Although I think it was a bit much for her since she couldn’t wait to get back to Gettysburg to her husband, dogs, RV and some GD peace and quite without people bumping into you constantly. I will have to take her back during a less busy time when she can really focus on the experience more.

The Rockettes show got me into the holiday spirit, so Jordan and I headed back out to the country and picked out our Christmas tree. He insisted on carrying it all the way out of the field as his exercise and never looked sexier! Ha!

As far as holiday decorating goes, I like to keep things simple. We didn’t really get anything new this year, except those adorable buffalo check stockings from Target, since we’ve been choosing to spend our money on new, permanent pieces for the house instead. I figure we will change how we decorate in the next year as we figure out more of our floor plans and style. In the meantime, the Christmas tree, my bottle brush tree collection and menorah are all we need!

In the office, we’ve been making slow and steady progress. The wall shelves are up, and I’m organizing and decorating to my heart’s content. All of our paper has ended up in crazy places since we moved in and it’s been quite the task trying to tame it all. I have also been slowly working on painting the trim in the room, while Jordan is in the mode of setting up his gaming/work from home zone with new monitors and other equipment.

Part of why we are going slow, is that we keep butting heads on where things should go. I would prefer electronics to be as hidden as possible, while he prefers them to be at arms length with as little steps in between as possible. But I’m sure we’ll figure it out and strike a balance. We’re learning how to communicate each of our room needs to one another with this project since it’s the first joint room renovation we’ve done besides the bedroom… which was way easier.

 Me:  “is there anything specific you want in the bedroom to make it feel homier to you?”
 Jordan:  “yeah, a bed with a decent mattress.”
 Me:  “I think we can do that.”

This office has to work for both of us, with our very different needs. I’m sure that even when we get it “done,” it will really be a work in progress. So, more like a “phase one.”

And, here’s a little sneak peek at the wall shelves for ya! I haven’t even thought to take photos of it with my holiday brain, so this was just shot on my phone after work one evening with just the ceiling light on. I’ll get some nice ones with natural light for the big reveal post. But in the meantime… doesn’t that stain look yummy?!

Our lighting game is about to increase ten fold with this semi-flush mount drum shade from West Elm. We just got this delivered and have to see if we can get it up before Christmas. #realholidaygoals

The biggest change since last time we talked…. I’m now 30. WHHHHHAAAAAAAAATTTTTT! How did that happen? It’s like I blinked and I’m not a kid living in a dorm room anymore. Seriously… look at those string lights and Compaq computer tower! And yes, that’s a selfie before “selfie mode,” and was taken on this thing called a “digital camera.”

My 20’s are officially over. I can’t say I’m sad about it however. As fun as they were, there were certainly hard times. I had a lot to learn about the real world and dealt with a lot of uncertainty about where I fit in it. I’ve always looked younger than I am, (thanks for those genes Mom!) as well as a very young sounding voice. So I always felt I had to fight to get people to take me seriously and not pigeon hole me as a ‘little girl’ that had nothing to offer. Through many uncomfortable moments and agonizing encounters I started to find my voice. I stood up for myself and acted like the person I wanted to be seen as; a professional woman who doesn’t need to prove herself because I have a wealth of knowledge to offer. I started taking people by surprise. They didn’t notice me because I told them they should. They noticed me because of my actions and hard work. I am who I am now because of those hard moments, and I’m thankful for them because I can now stand proudly knowing exactly who I am.

Looking forward into my 30’s brings me so much excitement! I am married to a wonderful man that keeps me on my toes, makes me smile daily and challenges me. I am surrounded by a small “hand-picked” circle of the most amazing friends that would do anything for you if you asked, and are just damn fine inspiring people! My family circle is also small. Even though we may all be frustrating to each other from time to time, we are all there for one another and can always laugh and love.

I always knew my path up through my 20’s: finish grade school with excellent grades, get into college and work hard, get a decent job in the field I studied, get a house, and hopefully find love along the way. But now… now there is no clear path. And that is exhilarating to me! Jordan and I bought this house, and are in the process of making it our home. That is the most perfect start to this decade for me and all I need to be happy. So bring it on 30’s! I’m ready!

Last modified: September 9, 2017