I’m Back!

Written by Life

Guys… I have no idea what just happened. I blinked, and life passed me by. I can’t get over how the last post I wrote was in early May. Summer is gone and I have no idea what I really did to enjoy it. No kayaking, no tubing, no beach vacation, nothing involving water at all, no crab-cone (it’s a Baltimore thing), no festivals… we were super lame. We will have to do better. I’m planning on starting now!

I did experience two completely awesome things this summer though. I will never regret giving up my day off on the 4th of July to witness my godson being born. It was a life changing experience that was stressful and anxiety ridden, but left me full of joy and love. I’m so beyond thankful for being given the opportunity to be apart of the beginning of that little man’s life.

The other thing I did that was awesome, was also part of why we were so lame this summer otherwise. We took a two week vacation to Germany and Austria! We spent the whole time with our friends, who live just outside Frankfurt Germany, and saw castles and all sorts of awesome old streets, and ate lots of gelato. More details about the trip itself to come! But needless to say, we were being stingy with our finances before the trip to make sure we could afford everything we wanted to do. It also ate up all my vacation time for the year at my new gig, so no other mini trips for me! It was certainly worth it though and long overdue.

Somewhere in our hectic summer, we actually did manage to fit in some house stuff I have to update you on. Here’s a quick list to sum things up, with more details to come in future posts:

  • We started overhauling the landscaping out front
  • Got another new dresser in our bedroom for my clothes
  • Changed the look of the sun room with a few simple purchases
  • Started, stopped, started again and finnnnnnnaly finished upgrading all our interior doors
  • Painted all the trim in the hallway
  • Added a gorgeous vintage bachelors chest in the guest room
  • Have been making progress on the kitchen renovation plans
  • Started buying stuff for the kitchen including all the appliances on Labor Day sales
  • Added another dog to the family!

Whew! It didn’t seem like we did that much this summer… but I guess we did. I have my work cut out for me to catch you all up! In the meantime, I’ll just leave these furry photos right here… I dare you not to say “awwww.”

What did you guys do this summer? Did you spend it in a bathing suit or are you still pale from working indoors like me?

Last modified: September 11, 2017