Holidays Around the House 2018

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The halls are decked at the Kahlenberg household and we are in full swing holiday mode already! This year I’ve been trying to more intentional and minimal with objects and I think I’ve reigned myself in quite nicely. Although I am an avid little Christmas tree addict, and I’ve been known to like small houses. I really had to push myself because there were some amazing trees and white ceramic houses at Target this year. I definitely had them in my basket and then sat them somewhere random around the store cause I talked myself down, but returning to the seasonal department was also out of the question with my waning will power. Damn you Target…

But I can accurately say I didn’t buy anything new for this year outside of some clear stick on hooks to hang my wooden bead garland on the mantle. I really did need one new string of lights… but the ones I need to match what I already have are already gone from stores… so… oh well. I’ll get some new ones next year before everyone stampedes the stores.

Last year I remember being so excited with the completion of the kitchen and painting the fireplace black that I just wanted to highlight EVERYTHING for everyone that would be coming over and seeing the new kitchen for the first time. But all that effort and money buying the stuff was to serve others, not about ourselves and what would have made sense for us at the time. People should have already been excited for us just to see the kitchen and what we accomplished, but I had this false sense and need for everything to be “perfect,” whatever that means. Going more minimal this year only took me a couple hours to fully decorate for Christmas, and then… we were able to go chill out together and bake/eat all the cookies! I remember stressing about when I would be able to fit in baking cookies last year…

My favorite part of decorating is actually our new tradition going to a tree farm to get our tree together. We went on Black Friday this year and I just love the whole experience with the scent of pine, watching children running around having a blast, the hot cocoa, and the general happiness you can feel in the air.

Although, we took Finn for the first time and discovered he hates almost everything about it – being on a leash and not being able to say hi to everyone, standing in one spot for too long (oh the whining!), not being able to pee on every tree, the loud tractor that takes people and trees up and down the fields, the tree shaker… I could go on. We may not take him next year haha! At least I got this photo that is reminiscent of last year’s with Tealy. I missed my baby girl a lot that day.

When we got home, we got that sucker up in the tree stand and pulled down our couple of bins of Christmas decor and I went to town! I had another emotional moment putting Tealy’s paw print ornament on the tree, along with each of our ornaments we have collected each year so far. We still have to find one for this year… we slackin’! And yes… the neon green tag at the top with our name on it from the tree farm is still there. I just spotted it in the photos and glanced over to see it staring back at me IRL… oops! We’ll call it our tree topper.

It really doesn’t take too much to make the home feel so much more cozy and holiday ready. I’m really trying to take stock in what matters in life rather than things lately. So even though we do have items out that are just there because I like them (wood bead garland and all my little trees), a majority were selected because of their meaning of Jordan’s and my experiences together in life, or because it will create an activity for us together.

Our sentimental ornaments – It’s so fun to get each one out and think about life during that time or what we were doing together when we got it. Our Hogwarts Express ornament: the year Jordan took me to Harry Potter World for my birthday. Ceramic pretzel: we got that from a famous Christmas shop while we were in Germany last year. I put out our stockings, which will be filled with the one or two small physical gifts we give each other Christmas morning this year, since we opted to go on a trip as our big gift!

I went much more minimal in the kitchen as well. We are going to be having people over, meaning we will have food and games out for everyone and don’t want decorations in the way. I placed some select trees from my collection in a couple places and hung some garland and that’s it.

I have a couple other little touches strategically placed around the house for guests. In the guest bedroom I have a wooden ornament hanging on the knob of a nightstand, and a silver tinsel tree on the dresser with a tea towel as a tree skirt. In our bedroom we have a mini faux tree with a few small ornaments and a scarf as it’s tree skirt. I also have a wooden ornament hanging on our basement door, which will lead down to our new sofa and TV for anyone that wants to play some classic Nintendo games. More on that in a couple weeks when it’s delivered and have everything built and set up!

So outside of my tree addiction, I’m loving our minimal holiday decor and what it’s allowing me to focus on instead. Rather than the holidays being about everything looking “perfect”, it’s now about thinking of the perfect things to do together and for one another. I highly recommend it!

Last modified: December 4, 2018