Happy Halloween

Written by Holiday

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone has been having an awesome time this season getting spooky and dressing up as whatever you can dream of. I’ve been super bummed out about not really getting into the Halloween spirit with our kitchen reno going on. It’s typically one of my favorite holidays to get carried away with. We just haven’t had the time. But the other day, I had a few minutes to kill while Jordan was in the shower before heading to the hardware store again. So I grabbed our one lonely box of Halloween decorations out of the attic and decorated the front porch at least a little. And we have two new fresh bags of candy to hand out tonight! (We had two bags before, but made a fatal error in buying them a week too soon…)

Now just to sit back and wait for Halloween sales tomorrow! I’m hoping to score some new decor I can pepper in for next year. And maybe some more candy… no… I probably shouldn’t do that to myself.

Here are some other random non-kitchen tid-bits from my week as a little treat:

  • Who else has already binged the entire season 2 of Stranger Things. Jordan and I meant to let it last longer and only watch up to two episodes a day. Well… we watched the whole thing in a weekend. We were up till 1am Saturday night, then chatted about it till 2am. Then we turned it back on during Sunday morning breakfast with our pancakes and somehow just finished it. I can easily say now, this series is my favorite show of all time! So how long to season 3?
  • I finally ordered Finn his own collar! His name and our phone numbers will be engraved on the buckle, so no more tag jingling around. It also has a removable bow tie! While I was at it, I ordered Tealy a new one as well. She’s had the same boring, black, nylon collar for 7 years now. Her’s will not have a bow tie, but it’s made with a beautiful floral Rifle Paper Co. fabric.
  • I’ve been making a lot more crockpot meals lately and I wanted to share this recipe with you for Creamy Tortellini Soup. I shared the making of it in my IG stories yesterday. It turned out amazing, and we both went back for seconds. It’s just a great and fulfilling comfort food soup perfect for these cooler days.
  • IKEA has a sweet deal going on, but for this one week only. On orders over $250, you can get free delivery! Just in time for pre-holiday season prepping.

Again, have fun doing whatever you are doing tonight and be safe. Maybe next week, we all regroup and share workout routines? 😛

Last modified: October 31, 2017