Halloweiner Dog

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks for us with our first wedding anniversary and house warming party combo. Also after that super long wedding post (I can’t control myself with our wedding photos), I figured I would break things up with a fun little post about my first Halloween decorations! That’s right. We haven’t been able to do Halloween where we lived before. It was too dangerous on our old road, and we had one of those sketchy, super long driveways where you couldn’t see the house from the road… yeah, no go for trick-o-treaters.

Now that we can do it, I spent an excessive amount of time in the seasonal section in Target. So many spooky options! I know from all my time curating very important Halloween decoration lists, that I tend to like the old Victorian-esque style rather than cutesy or grotesque. However, I saw this one thing and HAD to have it.

Isn’t he perfect!? His name is Roger. He doesn’t bite or bark, loves kids and is house broken. I also got him a friend. They just hang out together on the front porch patiently waiting for October 31 to roll around.

To complete this look, I ordered the spiked collar and simple nylon leash. Gotta adhere to those leash laws!

Other than these two stiffs, I added some mums and pumpkins to bring in a little more of that autumn vibe. We also picked up a simple thunder strobe light for some added oomph! We like our neighbors, and want them to like us back… so we are reserving that for October 31 only. It’s a simple start, but we will add to the collection in the years to come. I can’t wait!

We’ll see you on All Hallows Eve!

Last modified: December 10, 2017