Guest Bedroom Reveal

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I’m finally ready to share our guest bedroom reveal with you guys! It’s only been on my mind since the mood board I posted on December 31, 2016… This poor room has always played second fiddle to everything else, but now I might be slightly jealous this isn’t our room.

This room has slowly built up over time. Starting from the bed and nightstands we got on loan from my parents, we first purchased all new bedding. Then the kilim pillow came into my life and I knew it would be perfect for this room.

Randomly one day, this beauty of a bachelor dresser popped up by a local mid-century modern seller I follow online. I had to have it! I sent her a message and was driving to pick it up that night. It’s vintage and perfectly imperfect. With this purchase, I got my butt in gear and painted (the first time), and hung the window shades and curtains. The lamp was the perfect companion for my vintage dresser, and I purchased the original brass circular mirror for in here, but I ended up stealing it for above the fireplace instead. After that, this room sat for awhile through the holidays and most of winter.

Until a few weekends ago when I shouldn’t have been online shopping… I found this rug online and promptly fell in love. I ordered it, and that was my next jumping off point to finish this whole she-bang! Since the original color wasn’t doing it for me, I ran to Lowes and got another gallon of paint in a slightly different shade. You can read about that decision here. The new color is just what I wanted and made everything come together from there for me.

The small details are what really finish off and pull everything together here. I snagged this print awhile ago and just got a frame for it here.

For this go around, I wanted the styling to be more minimal and thoughtful. Rather than being a catchall for all the decor items I didn’t put somewhere else in the house. I also wanted to bring more warmth into the space. So I collected this antique alarm clock turned picture frame and copper candle for that job. I added a book under the lamp and candle to add a little visual interest, and a geode Jordan and I cracked open from our honeymoon. In the black frame, I added our wifi network and password to make things easy for our guests.

I had to add a photo of our sweet Tealy to this frame… this was her room after all! This last push to get the room done actually almost didn’t start. It’s been a month since she’s been gone, but the hole of where she used to sleep on this bed during the day was still there, along with all the black fur. It was tough removing the bedding and cleaning up everything. But I think she would have loved the changes, especially the addition of more pillows to squish 😉

The last new thing I had to add back in was a mirror. It was important to me to have a mirror in here for my guests to feel comfortable. From having the brass frame here before, I knew the color wasn’t my favorite thing with this wall color. It felt like it got lost a bit since they were both lighter. So this time, I went for black. Big surprise… I know… This frame has a small ledge on the bottom so our guests will have even more space to sit any important items if need be.

The layering of the bedding here adds texture and interest, while also being functional for guests. I’m most excited about the new pillow layout. It doesn’t look like much now, but I plan to find some interesting fabrics to make shams for these. It’s surprisingly hard to find interesting shams for king pillows! I’m too practical to have mounds of pillows on my own bed. Our room would never look put together because the pillows would never make it back onto the bed every day. We are a “just pull the covers up” kind of couple. But for the guest bedroom, I’m adding three layers of pillows!!! It looks so fluffy and inviting!!! I can’t be stopped.

I still have plans to switch out this ceiling light, make the pillow covers, and I have my eye on a bed frame I really want for this space instead… Maybe put my parents bed frame and nightstands in the attic…? We will see. It’s amazing how far this poor little room has come since the first set up we put together. Rooms are always evolving. This isn’t exactly like the mood board I put together a little over a year ago. But I wanted this space to be a curated collection of things I found that would be perfect for this room. Not just from one collection that Target has at the moment. Something that only our home could have – something that makes it our home – and something that makes it home for our guests during their stay. That can only be found over a period of time and thoughtful selection.



Last modified: March 26, 2018