Guest Bedroom Mood Board

Written by Decor

We aren’t even quite done with the office, but my brain has started to wander onto the guest bedroom. Especially since we just had a few guests staying over the holidays. It made me painfully aware of how stark and uninviting it seems right now.

When we first moved in, we took our full sized mattress we were sleeping on before and stuck it on the bed frame Jordan had before we met. The headboard was a DIY project we did in the old school house, and we had ALL the bedding for this size mattress since we upgraded our own bed to a king. But we didn’t have night stands or a dresser for this room. I used some wooden crates I had lying around so a guest would at least be able to put a glass of water somewhere. We didn’t get much further than this for a few months and were ok with it for the time being.

Fast forward a few months to when my parents sold their house and move into an RV. Obviously they couldn’t take their king bed with them, but they wanted to keep it in case they buy another house in a few years. They really love the bed frame and mattress and didn’t want to have that expense again if they could avoid it. So we begrudgingly took it (cough cough!) and are using it as our guest bed in the meantime. We keep joking that the mattress is so amazing we are gonna switch ours out for theirs!

So we moved in their bed frame, mattress and night stands, and are using their sheets since we don’t have a king sheet collection just yet. But again, we haven’t done anything more than move in stuff and leave it there. OH! And my old drop cloth rug I fell out of love with and gave to my parents, somehow ended up back at our house… two houses later. What the hell!

Finally I’m starting to think of plans for this room! Yay me! And really it shouldn’t be that much work, and the biggest expense is already taken care of: the mattress and bed frame. So I think a nice fresh coat of paint on the walls, painting the trim like I will do in all the rooms, and adding some thoughtful bedding, window coverings and art work should do the trick.

As you can see below in my little mood board, I’m thinking of doing a mid tone cool gray for the walls. I like doing darker colors for bedrooms to create a cozy and calm environment. But since we already have one really dark room in the house, and these rooms are across the hall from each other, I don’t want to have two dark rooms right next to one another. So a mid tone is the way I’m gonna go for this room to still feel cozy, but not dark.

I will go pretty neutral on most everything else as well with white and gray striped duvet, white sheets, coverlet, shams and curtains. All light colors to contrast with the dark bed frame and night stands. I will play with layering textures to make everything feel rich, even though it will all be white. Then add some warmth with the natural bamboo shades I have in the other rooms, and possibly splurge on a sweet Persian or Turkish rug! Look how gorgeous that rug is!!! It is very far out of my budget though at over $2k… sadness. A girl can dream.

To add some character to the room, I’m thinking of getting a portrait of our dog, Tealy, to hang in the room. Along with a couple other pieces of art or family photos. She is quite a large part of our family and pretty much everyone loves her, sometimes it seems more than us! So it feels fitting to put a portrait of her in a room to make others feel welcome.

  1. Mid tone gray wall paint
  2. Flannel stripe duvet cover
  3. White panel curtains
  4. Two tier drum shade ceiling light
  5. HEMNES king bed frame
  6. Persian rug
  7. Mid century 3 drawer dresser
  8. White pom pom fringe shams
  9. RANARP wall clamp spotlight
  10. All the green plants!
  11. Vintage art deco mirror
  12. HEMNES night stand
  13. Dog portrait framed artwork

Let’s see how far we can get with this idea over the next few months. It’s taking everything in me to not buy all the stuff with all the end of year sales going on right now. But, ya know… gotta pay off the ole credit card from all the holiday gifts. We will most likely end up with items slightly different than this board as we find more deals. Things will come together slowly I’m sure. But it will be a fun evolution!

Do you guys have any rooms you are planning to overhaul soon? Have mood boards helped you in the past?

Last modified: September 6, 2017