Friday Update: Spring Planting Projects, Podcasts & Lower Prices

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The last two weeks I’ve been taking it easy. Just trying to get into the new swing of things with my new job and new routine. It’s a much longer drive than before, about an hour each way. This isn’t strange to me though since it’s what I used to do before moving into our current house. It just takes a little more planning in my evenings and patience. And now: podcasts are my new favorite thing!

So let’s jump right into these Friday updates!

Podcasts are a treasure trove! Up until now I’ve only been listening to Young House Love Has a Podcast, and Chris Loves Julia whenever I had a free moment. But with my new commute, I tried out a couple others and I’m HOOKED! My latest recommendations are S-Town and Lore. I binged on S-Town, a true story following the life of a man in rural Alabama and the very complex issues that surround his life. While Lore is a fun, shorter podcast that tells real life scary stories, leaving me in chills by the time I get to work. And because I’m a sweet wife: if you guys are at all into gaming and Destiny, you should check out Jordan’s podcast, In Orbit.

Now that the weather is warming up, we’ve been starting to think about some landscaping. We headed up to a local nursery called Valley View Farms to see our options in person… and enjoy a beautiful 70 degree day! I really enjoyed looking through everything and it got my gears turning. When we got home, we measured the garden out front we are gonna focus on this year and started thinking what plants will work where. More to come on this as it unfolds.

More outside work! Bye bye mammoth shrub! We started taking down our ginormous arborvitae shrub from out back. There was a giant bush right up against a corner of our sun room blocking our view of most of the yard. We can never see the dog since she always liked to stay under it’s shadow… So that same 70 degree day, we decided to start the removal process. It’s now a bunch of twigs sticking out of the ground… and we are now getting quotes for more shrub removal out front since we discovered we hate doing this job! Hahaha!

I got myself a sweet new hat at Target! I’ve had my eye on this felt hat since the fall. I saw it on sale and just snagged it! And yes… this photo is from my new home: the car, sitting in a parking lot showing Jordan a little hint of my big splurge before I get home 😀

News Flash! IKEA has lowered prices on several items! Unfortunately for us… one of those items is the ALEX desk we bought two of for our office! BAH!!! But YOU can get the same desk we already love for $50 less.

I found this online this week and just thought it was super cool and wanted to share. Amazon has made giving back so easy with the Give Back Box. You know those shipping boxes we always have laying around these days? You can fill that with donations you would typically make to Good Will, head to the Amazon Give Back Box site and print a free shipping label to your local donation center. Help someone else, by decluttering your life: win win! I know I always have a pile of stuff sitting around to take for donations, but most of my local donation places are only open during business hours. Which doesn’t ever work with my full time schedule. I love how they are making donating easier, and bringing it into our modern times.

Until next weeks friends! Have a Happy Easter/Passover!

Last modified: September 6, 2017