Friday Update: New Electric, Grass & Bedding

Written by Decor

A lot has been going on! But all behind the scenes stuff that isn’t fun to talk about or look at. Sorry. But I have been working on one big thing for all of you: the new SHOP OUR HOME section! I’m pretty proud of myself. You can head to that page, find the room you like, and I’ve added items that we either own or similar items I found. All with links directly to those pieces ready to buy. I’ve also included the paint colors for each room we have painted so far. Obviously not all our rooms are listed there now. But as we work on them and get them to a place I’m happy with, I’ll add them for your shopping pleasure. Be sure to let me know if there is anything missing you are interested in. I also added a CATEGORIES page for easier navigation. If you are looking for posts about a certain room or topic, you can find them all there. I hope you enjoy all the updates!

The only other pretty thing I have to share lately, is our new bedding. I’m super excited about it cause it covers the thicker mattress we stole off the guest bed. I wasn’t expecting to get anything new right away, but I spotted this quilt on Target’s website and had a coupon that was about to expire… soooooo… Bonus: it’s super soft and snuggly! I love it! I also got this light weight cotton blanket for some added interest at the foot of the bed just because. Watch out! Real crazy woman right here!

Here are some quick bites of info on all the other stuff we have going on:

We are taking what we call “the first step in our kitchen renovation!” Don’t get too excited. It’s just a whole house electrical panel upgrade and a few additional outlets in the basement. We didn’t have enough power or circuits to do all the things we want with the house in the future (kitchen remodel, better lighting in the bathrooms, finish the basement). So we are taking some money out of savings and tackling it sooner rather than later. We actually started this just so we could put our electric dryer in. The gas dryer that came with the house isn’t cutting it… and we have our own from our rental days we liked more. So, we are going back to that. Maybe that makes us weird?

The door to our master bathroom is down, and all the hardware off. We tortured a house guest last weekend, making him go to Lowes with us while we got all our molding and supplies for the great interior door upgrades! I just have to sand the door down, patch the door trim and bathroom window, and I’ll be all good to start painting again. A post will be coming soon on all that!

We have grass in our backyard!!!! WOOOOO!!!! We found a very knowledgable old lady at the Lowes garden center one weekend who taught us all about fertilizer and what is needed at each stage of a plant’s life. So we grabbed a yard starter fertilizer that is super high in phosphorous, and haven’t looked back! We’ve probably looked like crazy people rushing outside before it rains to spread seed and fertilizer. But it’s working! We still have some bare spots to fill, and some over-seeding to do to thicken it up, but it’s progress and we are so excited about it. Thanks little old lady at Lowes 😀

One of our front gardens is about to get overhauled. We booked a landscaper to remove all the existing shrubs and plants (because we are lazy), and get it to square one. More to come on this when we get stuff planted.

See? Lot’s going on and lots of posts to come. Let me know if you want to learn more about any one of these not so glamorous topics. Like maybe you want to see a post about yard fertilizer? Haha! But for now, I leave you with more photos of our new bedding and Tealy modeling, because I can’t help myself.

Last modified: September 9, 2017