First Anniversary Getaway

Written by Life

The other week, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. And I have to say, I don’t know how Jordan is gonna top this! He may have just set the bar too high… I was told to make sure I took off that Monday from work, but nothing else. The week of our anniversary, I was given a little more info… we are going somewhere overnight, be sure to pack something nice to wear. ooOOOoo!

Only once we were in the car, Tealy included, driving in a certain direction was I able to figure it out. Jordan was taking us back to where we got married! Gettysburg Battlefield Bed & Breakfast. I couldn’t get over how sentimental it all was, going back a year later to the same spot that means so much to us now. Sentimental is not typically Jordan’s forte. I definitely had a misty-eyed moment while I thought about how smart I was to marry this guy.

Jordan had planned for my parents to watch Tealy while we went to our nice dinner. So we dropped off the pooch and headed into town for the Dobbin House: my favorite restaurant since I was 10! I had good taste even as a child.

This place was 100 years old during the civil war, the original tavern is still used as a tavern in the cellar, was used as a field hospital during the war, was a part of the underground railroad and… just has damn good food. The downstairs tavern is more walk in friendly with sandwiches and lighter fare, while the upstairs you tend to need reservations. If you go here, you MUST get the French onion soup. I have yet to find it as good anywhere else.

With our bellies stuffed, we headed back to get Tealy, with licorice from the gift shop as payment for my Mom. Then we were on our way to the Bed & Breakfast!

When we walked in, it was different than last time I stayed there. Cause this time we were just regular guests and not the bride and groom! Ha! So the host at the front desk took us to a sitting room to go over rules, keys, history and any other questions we had about the Bed & Breakfast or Gettysburg… but he quickly saw we stayed there before and skipped all that, while congratulating us on our anniversary. They really have a nice personal touch there.

The room Jordan got was not the one we stayed in before, it was occupied by another couple that got married that weekend. We stayed in one of the newer rooms downstairs that they added on before our wedding, called Houghtelin’s Hideaway. It’s a super big room with more masculine styled decor since it’s named after one of the men who owned the farm.

To make things more romantic, when we walked into the room there were a dozen red roses, chocolates and sparkling grape juice waiting in the middle of the room for us. Who is this man I married!? He done good!

This bathroom you guys… to die for! A large soaking tub big enough for two people and an arched stone rain shower you could have a dance party in with five people… I was in heaven.

The next morning was a bit more interesting. We were both up and getting ready for breakfast which promptly starts at 9, when all of a sudden there was a huge bang outside. I almost thought it was cannon fire. Then we heard it again a few minutes later. Jordan went upstairs to investigate and came back informing me there was a man dressed in reenactment clothing demonstrating antique rifles and firing them off the deck. HA! Only in Gettysburg.

Needless to say, we had to take Tealy for a walk until the demonstration was over. It only lasted about 20 minutes, and we got our funny story for the weekend out of it. This was also the time we started talking about what we were doing at this same time last year and the phrase “remember when…” kept being used.

Here is the field where we said “I do.”

And here is the barn where we had our reception.

We ended up being a little bit late to breakfast, but it all worked out fine. They brought us water and juice and our plates filled with the breakfast for that day which consisted of sausage, skillet potatoes and some fluffy sweet cream and cinnamon filled crepes. It was all so delicious.

After breakfast, we went and relaxed for a little bit longer in our room and on the porch before packing our things back up. I made a friend with one of the 40-some cats that live on the property and he didn’t want me to leave, following me back to the room and waiting outside the door.

We finally did start heading home soon afterwards since Jordan actually had to leave for a work trip the next day. So we came home and chilled out the rest of the day together, just a lazy Monday. That evening, we thawed out our whoopie pie cake from our wedding and each had a piece. Shady Maple struck again! It was as good as they day it was baked.

This little overnight trip was so perfect. It wasn’t overly adventurous, but this quite time together was just what we both needed after a full weekend with a couple different overnight guests, switching out guest room sheets for the new guests the next night, prepping for our housewarming and having our big bash with a full house. I feel so lucky to have celebrated our weekend first with filling our new home with some amazing friends and family, and then to remember why we make such a good pair the next day and look at all we have done together in one year. I’m feeling all the feels right now. My sentimental heart could just burst!
I wonder what we will do next year? Expectations have been set! Hahaha!

Last modified: September 9, 2017