Fire Pit Daydreams

Written by Outdoor

Woah! It’s our first post! To get this kicked off, I thought I would start with something light and fun to get my feet wet. So here I go taking the plunge!

Some random facts about us Kahlenbergs… we love home, the outdoors, having good times with friends, celebrating every moment you can, and s’mores. So to combine all of this, we planned a house warming event for the weekend of our first wedding anniversary because that seemed pretty fitting to us. Our wedding was on a brisk October day in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. That night after all the festivities were over, everyone moved to a giant bon fire to keep warm. It was another one of my favorite moments of the day, just being close to family and friends, telling stories, singing, drinking and a moment where a couple of friends tried to scare everyone while wearing civil war outfits. Our fire pit at our first home together is where Jordan proposed to me.

So a fire pit is something we wanted to have for our house warming party as it represents so many good things, good times and good friends. I had this fun idea of turning an old metal bin I already had into a fire pit by adding some sort of raised base and high heat paint… but alas… it is made of aluminum. No go.

Jordan and I may take a trip to a junk yard to see what metal things we can scrounge up to DIY, but for the moment I’m having fun day dreaming and planning what to do with our very ‘blank slate’ back yard. As of this moment, I want a classic Malm mid century modern fireplace for our backyard… but I don’t have $5,000 lying around. A girl can dream, right…

Have you guys done any cool fire pit DIYs or found a great fire pit deal you want to share? Or, any good s’more combinations you’ve tried lately? If you’re in Maryland, you need to try Berger cookie s’mores asap.

Last modified: September 8, 2017