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Happy Friday folks! We made it through another work week. I thought I would take this time to help you enjoy your Friday a little more with a quick introduction to our newest family member. He’s a real catch with dreamy eyes you can get lost in, open mouth kisses and he just loves to snuggle!

 Name:  Finn
aka. Finntastic
aka. Finntastrophe

 Adopted On:  July 26, 2017

 Age:  10 months est.

 Breed:  Collie / Cattle Dog – Blue Heeler Mix

 Favorite Toys:  Nylabone, Classic Kong, and a stuffed circus elephant

 Favorite Treat:  Anything

 Newest Trick:  Door manners and jumping up in the bed

 Badest Habit:  Pulling on the leash and making a huge mess whenever he gets a drink

 Loves:  Walks, people, other dogs, squirrels, Tealy’s ears

 His Story:  Finn had a tragic start to life. At eight months old, he was rescued from a backyard in Texas where he was tethered with his collar embedded in his neck. He got the help and care he needed at a shelter in Fort Worth, TX. Then mother nature got involved. Hurricane Harvey became a category 5 storm and all estimates were showing it making landfall somewhere in Texas. The shelter decided to transport their dogs to various other shelters around the country so they would be safe, or the shelter would have space to help with the expected need of animal rescue resulting from the storm. He was one of the lucky ones. Finn ended up at a dog rescue in Alexandria, VA, where we found him and brought him home.

Finn really likes Tealy, but she’s not too sure of him… This is one of the only times they have run around in the backyard together so far. He’s very much a puppy and in her face constantly. She’s good at telling him when he’s being too much, and he’s very good at listening. I’m certain they will figure each other out in time.

I’m over the moon with my two babies! Life is good. Hopefully this helped set the mood for your Friday. Now go and have a great weekend everyone!

Last modified: December 10, 2017