Father’s Day 2018 Gift Guide

Written by Holiday

Another month, another gift giving holiday! It’s Dad’s turn! Unfortunately, if your Dad is anything like mine… you are dreading this one and frantically trying to think of something to get your uber-practical father. I mean… I gave the man duct tape, socks and travel tissues for Christmas one year as a joke and he LOVED it!

Not only is my Dad just your standard “hard to buy for” guy, but the whole RV lifestyle complicates things ever further with the lack of storage space. Have you heard about the 10 by 10 wardrobes? 10 pieces for 10 days? Well… that’s my Dad’s whole wardrobe for all four seasons I think. He’s suuuuper picky! Get him something he’s not totally on board with and it will just sit there with the tags on it until my Mom finds it two years later and finally cleans it out.

So just like I do for my Mom, I usually opt for spending time with him and take him out for pizza or something, rather than add to a collection of stuff he doesn’t need. So if any of this sounds like your Dad, first off – let me know I’m not alone! Secondly, I dove in to find some practical Father’s Day gifts that I can get my Dad that I know he will like and hopefully are good for any practical Dad! Shhhh… don’t tell him I’m gonna be pulling from this list for the next year of gift giving.

  • Good work gloves are always a good idea! He uses his like crazy, or forgets where he puts them. So having an extra pair isn’t a bad thing.
  • My Mom just recently told me she cleaned out their shed and found 30 different screw drivers in there! So I’m planning on simplifying my Dad’s collection with one ratcheting screwdriver that comes with multiple bits. We have two ourselves and absolutely love them!
  • This insulated Yeti travel mug is a favorite in our household, and I know will go over well in the RV too. They shy away from glass cups and dishes for travel purposes.
  • My Dad is typically in his car for long periods of time. I remember times with him getting some chicken strips and trying to eat on the road with his dipping sauces carefully placed in his lap. Soooooo… I think this air vent dip clip is perfect!
  • For any techy Dads out there, smart bulbs are a must! He’s always on his phone checking their camera and messing with the dogs when they are over at our place. So a smart bulb would be a great addition, and add some extra security I know he would enjoy by turning a light on in the evenings to make it look like someone is home.
  • Poo-pourri – something I never thought I would research: can you use Poo-pourri in RV septic tanks… If not, he can still use it at the office!
  • A new fire pit is something most Dad’s would like even if they don’t say it. Of course it has to have an optional grilling grate just in case!
  • With three light colored dogs, and only liking dark colored clothing, my Dad goes through some lint rollers. Every time they come down to our place he wants to stop by IKEA to get more lint rollers. He likes the ones from IKEA for the cost value 😉 So, I can gladly top him off so he doesn’t run low!
  • Where can anyone go wrong with a Chipotle gift card?
  • This is me going out on a limb here – but I just love this t-shirt! I would of course get black, because it’s too risky to branch out on colors with my Dad. It’s camping themed and looks so chill and scenic, but then says something unexpected that I hope would get a laugh. At the very least, this might become an oil changing only shirt haha! I might have to get a Father/Daughter matching set!

Last modified: June 5, 2018