Fall-ifying Home & Caramel Apple Cinnamon Rolls

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I’m so excited to be welcoming my favorite season! Now if it could just stop being 90 degrees with 99% humidity that would be great. But I can at least make home feel like Fall a little bit. I’m not the kind of girl that has seasonal dish towels or throw pillows for every holiday. I haven’t felt financially stable for most of my adult life. So that was a luxury I just didn’t indulge in and now I’m used to. To me, it’s more of the subtle changes and atmosphere that really make all the difference anyway. It’s all about the senses: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

The first thing you probably think of when decorating for Fall is sight. The visuals. What you can do here is bring out more brass, gold or copper elements to decorate with. The warmer metals are what it’s all about as it gets cooler outside. You can also add touches or warmer hues, to mimic the colors of changing leaves. Just a dab will do ya though! Choose more muted colors instead of bright and vibrant. Add a tiny pumpkin here or there, and voila!

Next up, is touch. I layer more textures and add more blankets as decor. The fluffier the better! The layering adds a feeling of comfort, sort of like a pile of soft pillows that look wonderful to cozy up in. And the blankets… that seems pretty obvious.

Scent is next, and in my opinion the most important. It won’t really feel like Fall to me until there are more “masculine” scents in the air. I tend to gravitate towards scents called “Tobacco,” “Gin & Vanilla” or “Mountain Air” instead of soft florals or fruit. There is just something more complex to the scents and they give me a feeling of warmth and comfort. I’m sure there is some reason why since smell is our strongest sense tied to memory. So yeah, Fall and winter is my jam for candles! I wait until the main shopping frenzy dies down and for the remaining candles to be put on sale, then I buy as many as I can and horde them like a crazy person! If candles are not an option for you, try melted wax, an oil diffuser or even buy a fall smelling hand soap. I found this one by Mrs. Meyers and it really does smell just like apple cider! You have to have something that ties in scent.

Taste is another big one! The pumpkin spice craze wouldn’t be a thing if it wasn’t. I however, am not into the pumpkin spice thing as much as others. So sue me. I’m my own person! It doesn’t mean I don’t start craving heartier things or warmer drinks. The first day it was cool in the morning here, I had an instant craving for Chai Latte and went to the store to get some. I’ve also started having a Kahlua & Cream here and there instead of wine.

Fall also has me baking so much more than I normally do. It’s like an automatic reaction I have no control over. I recently tried out a new recipe from Little Spice Jar, and LOVED. IT. SO. MUCH! Caramel Apple Cinnamon Rolls. It really covers both taste and smell because of how it’s aroma permeates through the house. I whipped these up on a Saturday morning, and they were so good, Jordan and I already declared them our new Christmas brunch recipe! Mixing in the apple and caramel is a stroke of genius and almost tasted just like warm apple cider in pastry form. The dough was also really easy to make and oh so fluffy right out of the oven. Instead of using chunks of apple like Little Spice Jar, I used my spiralizer to get strings of apple. This was so I could roll them up in the dough easier and distribute the apple flavor more evenly. Everything I did was from scratch except the caramel sauce! It took just over an hour to make, and it is TO DIE FOR!

I suppose that leaves us with sound as the final sense. For me it’s certainly crunching leaves and the soft popping of a burning fire. Nothing can fill me up faster or make me feel more happiness in a tiny moment than either of those sounds.

See? Easy peasy to get ready for Fall! You can decorate the house, but it’s really more about experiencing the little moments the season has to offer and being present. The secret is to let it affect the soul, not just the space you exist in.

What else do you do to welcome Fall? Do you do it on a budget or go all out? Are you a pumpkin spice fan or do you not get all the hype like me?

Last modified: March 26, 2018