Do It Yourself Open Kitchen Shelving

Written by DIY

I’ve gotten a few questions about our new open kitchen shelf. Where we got it, and how we hung it mostly. I feel you guys! Jordan is one of those husbands that is a buzz kill about my wall hanging ideas too. Especially when there is a ton of weight involved like a bunch of dishes. But fret not! You can convince your buzz kill to do it too!

This is a really easy DIY I know each of you can do. Believe it or not, the brackets are from IKEA. You can find similar ones at Rejuvenation as well, that have a few more finish options. The shelf options that fit these brackets at IKEA, were not cutting it for us however. So we picked up some nice pine wood at the hardware store that was just the right thickness for these brackets and cut it down to size.

After a quick sanding, I played with a couple different stain colors to get the finish to match our maple butcher block counters. The first coat looked really yellow. For the next coat I used something with a cooler undertone to calm down the yellow, then did one more coat of the same cooler color. It’s not an exact match, but close enough since they are not sitting right next to one another.

When hanging shelves (or anything with some weight to it), the best option would always be to screw directly into the studs. But since we wanted this hung to line up under our cabinets, none of the brackets would align with a stud. This does not mean all hope is lost! We were able to get screws and anchors with a high holding value. We opted for 50 pound holding value, meaning each bracket can hold 100 pounds since there are two screws in each. There are also anchors with a 100 pound holding value, but 50 pound should do the trick for this shelf.

And there you have it – The easiest thing to DIY for your kitchen! Go add some of those open shelves I know you all want. You can do it! You just have to believe in yourself.

Last modified: February 2, 2018