Curb Appeal Phase 2 – Complete

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Cue the music and fireworks! WE DID IT! Our front porch overhaul is now complete! At the beginning of summer we kicked off this whole project and just finally got time/decent enough weather to construct the posts. We kept this project rolling while we could and got these suckers polished off! And I’m fully in love with the results.

Last week, we left off at this stage with the posts in all their natural glory.

Saturday morning I was able to spackle and caulk both posts. When we constructed the posts, we countersunk all the screws so I could spackle over all of them and end up with a smooth finish. I even made sure to hit some of the natural holes and divots in the wood such as knots.

I caulked every edge of the posts as well. Every corner joint, the edge where the bases meet the inner post, and the top of the posts against the ceiling. Since we weren’t exact with our measurements for the ceiling cuts, I used rod backer to fill some of the larger gaps so I wouldn’t use too much caulk. I did not caulk at the bottoms of the posts.


I let this dry and set overnight, while we headed out to enjoy our Saturday evening together. The next morning I got an early start and sanded everything down with our orbital sander, then quickly wiped off the dust. Then came out all the painting gear. Jordan rolled, while I brushed. We did three coats of Zinsser 123 primer because we are obsessive. Then one coat of white exterior paint in a satin finish – right off the shelf, no tint added.

When I painted the bottoms, I stuck a piece of newspaper under the wood to make sure I didn’t get any paint on the concrete and brick. The hardest part of painting was getting the side of the post up against the wall. It’s about 3 inches from the wall, so not enough for a roller. I was super happy to have my trusty 2″ rubber handle brush for this scenario. I hand brushed the whole thing slowly just enough so it looks painted from the edges. There are probably some spots that are showing through if you stuck a mirror back in there, but I’m not too worried about it. Only real issue was the brick tearing up my knuckles as I brushed side to side. But it was worth it. (Or just wear gloves…)

We made a lazy day out of painting and relaxing between coats. If we hadn’t been out front that day, we would have missed our neighbors’ kids selling fresh lemonade! Let me tell you – it was soooooo good after sitting outside painting another coat. So glad we got to enjoy that!

By that evening… BAM! It was done!

Now it’s just tiny little details I want to do to finish everything off. I’m currently re-staining and sealing the coffee table that lives out here. I also need to grab some craft paint and try to mix a couple colors to match our brick and blend in our gray brick patches where we removed the old railings. Next year, I’ll add more to the gardens. They aren’t looking their best right now. All the rain this year killed my drought resistant plants, but only on one side of the house… sigh.

Unfortunately, the heat and humidity kicked back up just in time and we haven’t been able to sit out here and enjoy it yet. But Jordan has mentioned how he doesn’t even notice them when he walks back up to the house… because they look so much like they belong there. And I have to agree. The porch feels so much cleaner and more open with them. No longer are we walking up to the house and immediately seeing the 1960’s with all it’s decorative wrought iron, scallop details and distracting railings covering up your line of sight. It’s just… clean and inviting!

Now for one more walk down memory lane.

Original Listing Photo

Removed Railings

Scallops Gone & Posts Constructed



Need the original and new a little closer together? I certainly do! I want to keep flipping between the old and new over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over…



Ahhhhhhh… so much better! We just love it so so so much. It was worth the wait and feels like home.


Now for the really important info – how much did this cost? If it were just the posts themselves as originally planned, it wouldn’t be that much. But of course, things snowballed for us. We decided to use this project as our excuse for buying a table saw and we chose to redo our siding which we discussed in this post here. So just count those out if you are looking to just do the posts and don’t need to redo siding.

  • Nine 1″ thick x 9″ wide x 8′ long boards – $185
    4 for each post and 1 for the bases
  • Large L brackets – $10
  • Small L brackets – $15
  • Masonry bolts – $4
  • Washers – $1
  • Sheet metal screws – $2
  • Wood screws – already had
  • Exterior caulk – $5
  • Zinsser 123 primer – already had
  • 1 quart exterior white paint – $18

TOTAL: $240

Additional costs for us

  • Table saw – $250
  • Labor –  $1,150
    Removed old aluminum siding, aluminum awning on sunroom and cut off scallops on porch header. Disposed of debris. Installed new vapor barrier on front porch, installed clap board vinyl siding on front porch and sunroom A gable. Installed new trim and weather stripping around siding and sealed.

Last modified: September 4, 2018