Curb Appeal Phase 2 – Already Begun!

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We started on phase 1 of our curb appeal overhaul last year… and I had hoped to surprise you with a finished phase 2, but life had other plans. We got a jump on it though and will be able to keep you in the loop as we finish up with the fun! Since it was a year ago, let me jog your memory of how we got to where we are today.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – I did not fall in love with this house for it’s curb appeal. Here it is again from the original listing photo when we bought it.

At first glance, it’s nothing special. Just an average 1960’s brick rancher. It looks almost exactly like my Grandmother’s house actually. But it was the inside that sold us and got us to make that long term commitment on her. It was very good I didn’t let first impressions sway my decision because we love living here! And the curb appeal is something we can change. Very shortly after moving in, I started mocking up some ideas for what we could do to the outside to make our ugly duckling more beautiful. Pretty quickly, I landed on this:

Remove the scalloped header and replace it with a clean line. Remove the dated railings and box in the one pillar, adding a faux pillar to the other side to balance out the visual weight. Other than that, it’s just a couple other additions like house numbers and a pretty yellow door. It’s super simple, but that’s all this house really needs! Just a little polishing! Well, now things are looking a littttttle different today.

Need a closer side-by-side comparison? Here you go!



You can read about some of the other stuff we had already done up till now, at the following links: Updating our bay window, painting the front door, and phase 1 landscaping on the right hand garden.

We knew we had a free weekend coming up that was looking good weather wise, so we headed to Lowes and purchased all the lumber and materials we needed to do the front porch pillars. I also went ahead and ordered our new house numbers and mailbox which were delivered in time for our curb appeal overhaul weekend extravaganza. We were ready to go! We were going to demo the porch on Friday, and install all the new stuff over Saturday and Sunday too if we needed both days… but the weather had other plans. The weather report changed at the last minute and called for rain the whole weekend – and it did rain both days – but just very lightly here and there. It was so frustrating cause it was enough that we couldn’t do anything, but not enough to really feel substantial.

I was feeling stubborn and wanted to get something started, so we popped outside during a dry enough patch of the day and removed the railings. Jordan got to use the new reciprocating saw to take care of those puppies. We unscrewed everything we could, then used the saw about two inches from the edges close to the walls. That exposed the screws inside that we easily removed with a hand screwdriver. Then we just had to wiggle out the rebar from the floor supports, and VOILA! 20 minutes later, the front porch was railing free and already felt soooooooo much better! It looks so much bigger now without all that visual distraction cramping it’s style.

Then on Sunday morning, before the rain had a chance to start for the day, we got out the impact drill with a masonry bit and went to town hanging our house numbers and new mail box. We first lined up the house numbers and marked each of the holes with a sharpie marker onto the brick. They are actually located just under the light next to the door in silver. I have them hidden here in photos so no one can be creepy on me. While Jordan drilled each hole, he paused after a couple seconds of drilling each time for me to spray some water on the area to help keep the dust down and the drill bit cool. Then we lightly tapped in the anchors that came with the numbers and hand screwed in the numbers. Next came the same process for the mail box. Easy peasy!

I can’t tell you how nice it is to finally have readable house numbers after almost two years of everyone driving by and then slowly wandering back our way! Haha!  And as soon as the mail box was installed, we yanked the old wobbly one out of the garden with glee and threw it on our dump pile with the cut up railings. At the end of the weekend, we had it looking like this with minimal effort.


House Numbers  |  Mail Box

Then last week, we had an epic fail trying to take Finn to doggie day care – I ended up bringing him home and working from home the rest of the day. It ended up being a good thing because our landscapers had some time in their schedule that day and swung by to remove all the stuff in our left hand garden. Yep! Just like last year for phase 1, I had the same guys come out and do the hard work for me so I could get to the fun part faster! As much as it hurt my heart a little bit to watch the azaleas being taken out, it’s ultimately a good thing because everything was planted waaaaaaaaay too close to the house.

Now we just have to find some time to swing by Lowes and grab the same shrubs we planted on the other side last year, and plant those suckers! Then in a few years, our front gardens will be full with appropriately sized greenery! Plus more and more flowers as I keep adding perennials each year…

I know it’s still not a looker at this point, but things have to get worse before they can get better. Just think how awful we all look doing face masks! But the end result is always worth it 😉 I can’t wait to get this porch and garden looking fresh. It’s killing me having all the wood ready to go but not be able to do anything for a little bit now. We missed our small window of opportunity, and then actually have plans the next three weekends! This is very unlike us to be this social. Which is very hard for this homebody…  yes, I’m complaining about doing fun things with friends keeping me from working on my house. First world problems, I know. But don’t worry about me, I’ll survive! In the meantime I’ll just keep thinking of this little mock up I made. One day soon I’ll have you all polished up!

Last modified: May 15, 2018