Complete! Wall Patching, Finished Painting & Final Window Shades

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We knocked out two items on our 2018 home plan list in one weekend! Both of us actually had off work for President’s Day, which has never happened before. So we took advantage of the crappy weather and extra time we had on our hands to finish the hallway painting and hang the last shades on windows.

Several weeks ago, I patched our wall where the old thermostat used to be. It got yanked out of the wall when we installed our new furnace and AC systems before Christmas. I certainly took my sweet time finishing this one up 😉

This was my first time patching a larger hole in the wall. I watched a few YouTube videos on different methods, and found our hole was still small enough for a patching kit. One time while we were at the hardware store, I snagged this patch meshing and followed the package instructions.

It called for two passes of spackle. The first one I put on lightly, to start building up the spackle. After that first coat dried, I added the second coat a bit thicker. This coat sat on top the first one, building on top and not pushing through the mesh like the first coat. I built this second coat up a bit so I would be able to sand everything down nice a smooth, trying to get everything as flush with the existing wall as possible.

Once I sanded it, it was smooth as a baby’s bottom! I left it sit for a few weeks longer after that. I had to work myself up to breaking the paint supplies out again. But here we are at President’s Day weekend when I worked up the motivation, and this spot is almost invisible now! Since the spackle is sooooooo smooth compared to our slightly textured plaster walls, I used a light texture roller to apply the paint. This helped the paint blend in more so it wouldn’t be a stark contrast of textures.

I think I did a mighty fine job if I do say so myself! It’s still slightly noticeable, but you have to be looking to see it. Otherwise, no one knows!!! This was one little spot I knew I had to hit with paint once I got the itch, so let’s continue down the hallway shall we?

When we finished the kitchen, and I got that strange bug to just keep going and painted the whole living room, I stopped at the edge of the hallway. Thinking about cutting in around six doors just pushed it over the top for me at that moment. To prep for this space, I took down all the art I had hanging and spackled the nail holes when I patched the old thermostat hole. Again, all my patch work sat for awhile till I broke out that paint can. It didn’t take me that long to do this whole space. Probably 4-5 hours combined, it certainly didn’t take me all day. And voila, number one on my home plan list is DONE!

This hallway is now a great blank slate for us. I’m rethinking the artwork for the hallway currently, and I will be taking my time hanging anything here again. The galvanized sorter I moved to our entryway to help with paper sorting closer to the front door. I was still finding paper everywhere around the house. Since I moved this here, instead of halfway down the hallway, it’s much more functional for us now.

This little hallway has seen quite the transformation so far since we first moved in!

With the painting complete, the next day we moved onto the windows. The two windows flanking the fireplace, and the kitchen and dining room windows were all that was left still needing updated window treatments in the house. I waited until we did the kitchen to tackle any of these.

There is one thing that makes these different than all the others. (You can read here for the step by step on how I hung the shades in the bay window). In every other room, I have these shades hung high and wide over the frame. I like the look because it makes the windows look wider than they really are too. Well… I can’t do that in the kitchen because of one stupid reason. The light switch next to the back door is way too close to the window frame. RIP my favorite way of hanging shades. Instead, I opted to hang these inside the frame. I did this for all the windows since they are all within eye shot of one another. This way, they all seem consistent.

We ran into one other small issue with hanging these inside the frames. The shades I get come with an L bracket. The way our window frames are built, the piece we wanted the brackets screwed into are just slightly too short for the bracket. The top of the bracket was hitting the top too early, leaving the holes too low and not enough wood to secure the brackets into. We could have just screwed these in and let the brackets sit at an angle… but that wouldn’t cut it for Jordan. We had a strip of wood left over from my picture ledge project Jordan cut small pieces off of to wedge behind the bracket so it sits more squarely in the frame. This should help the stability overall.

A little measuring and drilling later… and we have a window shade! I love how they bring more warmth to the kitchen matching the wood tone of the floors and counters. They really just finished everything off so perfectly.

The window above the sink, I’m leaving bare. I like that area looking clean and having all the light possible come in. Also… this is a very real look at what our kitchen usually looks like with stuff all over the island. We live on this island! Also a very real look at our living room with every one of Finn’s toys on the floor where he likes them, and him squishing the couch cushion and my pillows as usual. But those window shades again, just finish everything off!!! I’m one proud mama right here. Maybe one day it will stop raining and I can get some better photos of everything too!

That bay window was our first foray into bamboo shades in this house, and just swept us off our feet. Finally, it feels complete. I’m also feeling mighty accomplished crossing two things off my list so quickly. If I keep going at this pace, we’ll need to add more! 😛


Last modified: February 26, 2018