Closet Organization

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You guys hyped for organization talk?! I know I am! Several weeks ago, while we were hanging the finished interior doors and I was finishing painting the trim inside the closets, I got the itch to not just stop there. How could I take the mess that was our closet before and just shove it back in there after spending time to paint it?

Jordan’s stuff was overflowing. He was using bins he had from college, and I was using long forgotten baskets I’ve had for years that didn’t really fit on the shelves. It was a mish-mash of stuff we were trying to use, but nothing was thought through on how to actually maximize the use of the space here.

I quickly took inventory of everything we had and headed over to Target really quick. Less than $100 later, our closet feels so much more organized! It’s amazing how much of an impact it makes on our everyday lives.

Hanging Shoe Organizer | Shoe Rack | Jewelry Organizer | Scarf Organizer | Skinny Hangers

For my side, I really don’t have that much clothing I hang because of my capsule wardrobe. I just have a few blouses, sweaters and dresses. All of my jewelry lives in a hanging organizer and helps keep my necklaces from turning into a giant blob. All my scarves are here too on a crocheted ring holder I got at IKEA years ago. My issue before was too many shoes sitting on the floor. My ankle booties and high boots couldn’t fit in the shoe organizer, and were constantly getting coated in a film of all the dog hair that always ends up in the back corner. Which also makes vacuuming a pain because I would have to move all the shoes to get up all the dog hair. To remedy this and use some of that vertical space under my clothes that was just dead space before, I picked up this shelf from Target. It’s been so handy to keep booties on, but also sit some jeans or sweatshirt on the top I’m not ready to throw in the laundry just yet. I can also see my high boots moving there for winter when I bring out all my thick sweaters and stack them on the top shelf.

Hanging Shoe Organizer | 4 Shelf Closet OrganizerSkinny Hangers | Laundry Basket

Jordan works at a place that is business casual, so he has quite a few things that have to be hung compared to me. His dresser is loaded to the brim with t-shirts and sweaters. Before in the closet, he had all his pants in a hanging cube shelf that was one column and went all the way to the floor. The shirts were crammed in between that and his shoe organizer, with a big empty hole of space below. At Target, I found this hanging organizer that had four cubes for his pants up top, with a hanging bar below. Even though the shelf he had his pants in before had 5 cubes, and this one only 4, it feels like his pants actually fit so much better in this one. Maybe each cube is a little wider and taller? The four cubes works out perfect for him too! There is one cube each for his shorts, jeans, hiking and house work pants, and his work slacks. And because of this new organizer, all his shirts now fit in the closet with room to spare, and we used the vertical space better.

Hanging Shoe Organizer | 4 Shelf Closet Organizer | Wicker Storage BasketsSkinny Hangers | Laundry Baskets

Up top we each have a basket for miscellaneous stuff, and one for other junk. We also keep a lint roller handy here since this is the area where we need to use it the most. We also each have our own laundry basket and hooks hanging on the side walls. Jordan uses his hooks for belts and hats, while mine is for my robe and clothes I’ve worn once and not ready to throw in the laundry basket.

Now we almost never have anything thrown on the floor in here, everything is easy to grab, and the best part: it’s easy to keep it looking like this because we have a system now! Not to mention the amount of zen I feel whenever I open the closet door and just see beautiful organization. Ahhhhhhhhhh… So worth the minimal investment. Don’t neglect even the smallest spaces in your home. It can really have a profound effect on how you feel when every inch of the space truly works for your life.


Last modified: November 8, 2017